Dennis..the menace.

Ocean Breeze

special/caring thoughts to all that are affected.
Ocean Breeze

more on the hurricane that is causing havoc in the south.
I hope Floridans and all affected people will be safe after the hurricane passes by. It is a natural tragedy that knows no boundaries or political affiliation. It is God at work.
I think its global warming causing all this wacked weather. I thought July was always too early for hurricanes? So what else could be the cause?

Anyways it still sucks that people have to go through this year after year.
I think not
Well there are no reported deaths as far as I know and that of course is the most important. Other than that, the insurance companies have to fork over about $2.5 billion as far as I know.

And it always tickles me when they have to pay out money. I just hate banks and insurance companies, I have always called them legalized thieves.

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