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Toyota spends 800 Million in Canada

AS WELL! - "In March, General Motors announced it would spend $2.5 billion in a massive revamp of its Oshawa, Ont., operations. Ford of Canada is in the process of a $1.2-billion redevelopment of its Oakville, Ont., facilities."
Yeah, My grandpa has been talking abut it for months, He'll be pleased.
The new Toyota plant will help my local economy...
you're from woodstock?
Both my Toyotas were build in Cambridge. I haven't heard if the Ontario and Federal Libs kicked in some megabucks for this deal the way they did with GM.
I go to school in london
University of Western Ontario?
My wife went there for 5 years.

They wouldn't let me go...something about being a neo-conů.

The company I work for sells a lot of computers to them.
I thoucht UWO was pro-neocon?
As another thread sinks slowly into the sunset.
Quote: Originally Posted by p106_peppy

I thoucht UWO was pro-neocon?

I was just kidding...Although I can't imagine too many "pro-neocon" universities exist....they rely on government funding to exist.
With all the cutbacks GM announced recently are they still going ahead with their plans for Oshawa?
This is dated Thursday 3 March 2005

"Mr. Jerry J. Ouellette (Oshawa): It's with great pleasure that I rise today to congratulate General Motors, its workers and its partners on reinvesting $2.5 billion in the Canadian auto sector. This announcement includes agreements with the provincial and federal governments and will strengthen automotive engineering, research and development, and manufacturing capabilities in Ontario and Canada. This project will include new vehicle programs, enhanced vehicle engineering activities, flex manufacturing, environmental leadership, employment and skills training, and a new Canadian automotive innovation network.

This government's financial commitment builds on the commitment the previous government made to the auto sector in our province, and will enhance the skilled workforce in Oshawa and other GM cities in Ontario. Yesterday's reinvestment from General Motors will bring more high-tech engineering jobs to Ontario and, of course, my riding of Oshawa.

Today General Motors of Canada makes more automotive supply purchases than any other automotive manufacturer in Canada. Together with Ontario and the federal government, the company will create a new automotive centre of excellence at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology to better link participating automotive companies, suppliers, universities, researchers and students in the area of automotive innovation and technology.

I would like to thank General Motors and the hard work of the CAW and the other partners for their continued commitment and confidence in our local community in the province of Ontario."

www.ontla.on.ca/hansard/house...sion1/L115.htm (external - login to view)
Yeah but that was March third. GM announced major layoffs and cutbacks a couple weeks ago. Mainly in America but some in Canada. yes ,no?

General Motors says it will cut twenty-five thousand jobs in North America in the next three years. G.M. announced a loss of more than one thousand million dollars in the first three months of this year. (external - login to view)

With these cutbacks are they still going to expand Oshawa, I wonder? It says North America, so I wonder how many in Canada?

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