Does the media show too much

I just had the misfortune of viewing some of the most disturbing video I have ever seen. Christ, when will CNN turn the cameras off.

There were three boys missing from the slums along the Delaware, aged from 5-11. They videotaped a man finding the three bodies, they showed his horrified and emotional reaction. He threw himself to the ground screaming, this poor giant of a man. I am sitting, drinking a coffee, having a smoke, just dropped my boy off at work (yelled at him a little, why not) and I was stuck watching this man exhibit the most heart wrenching grief. I just sat there, shocked.

Did I need to see that? Is he entitled to no privacy? I will have this in my nightmares for the rest of my life.
I agree. In a lot of cases the media is too intrusive. There are things that should be respected. The problem arises, however, when & where do you draw the line? Are you really presenting a free and honest press... if you shield our sensibilities?

I just wish the press down here would dig a little deeper into presenting less sensational stories. Dig a little ddeper into what their political leaders are saying and doing.
Maybe if we had asked him "Hey Charlie, remember that video where you were completely overcome with grief? Remember when you found your sons body? You know the one, hey can we plaster that across the waves? People need to see someone dying inside, you know how it is. Give em what they want"
I recently saw the frontpage of a Guyanese newspaper,showing a decapitated full colour,no less! While our media could,and should,be more restrained in the personal tragedies that happen to ordinary folks,at least they are not that bad.
I think not
You think that is shocking, you should turn on European stations
There is a website with tons of "disturbing" images in I check out at least once per Just don't eat a heavy meal before you view it.
I think not
Try this for size (external - login to view)

I surfed it once and that was enough for me.
I just bookmarked it. I grew up reading all those sleazy detective magazines..those true crime ones,so I am fairly well inured to scenes of violent death.

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