Missing boy in Utah

Reportedly Brennan, who had been missing for four days in the wilderness HID from rescuers because he was afraid of being kidnapped.

I'm sorry, this is a disgusting and terrible tribute to our world. A child should know that there are GOOD people in the world who are out to actually help not hurt him. He should have been taught that you can count on people to assist you. He should never have had to hide because he was under this mistaken impression.

Can we start putting the paranoia away? Teach our kids different things than "all people are bad, run away and hide from them." Yes, some people are bad. But Jesus, can't we teach them that some people are GOOD? You can certainly count on more people than just your mommy and daddy.
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This boy?

weird if it is, cause he was a Boy Scout...you would think he would know better....
Yep, that would be him. Says tons about American Boy Scouts eh? Worse, the kid was right beside a lake, still with no drinking water????? This is a saaaaad story.
Interesting, maybe things have changed in the Boy Scouts.
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