US Media Still Racheting Up Fear

Media still trying to scare US citizens
Reverend Blair
Fear is control, I guess. I think it's become a lot less effective since people have begun to look at George Bush's actions instead of his rhetoric though.
When media comes under the control of government, information turns into propaganda and the People lose perspective on the events of the world. This has happened in the U.S. very strongly, most obvious with Fox News as well as the practice of embedding media with the military. In the Iraq war the U.S. military targeted for bombing the quarters of independent media. The constant distortions from the media has led the U.S. to gut Civil Rights under the Patriot Act and will now twist U.S. views on Immigration. The People have sacrificed their freedoms in favour of security and now will have neither. A vocal and independent media has lost out to fearmongering promoted by the Bush administration.
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Media still trying to scare US citizens

But if they said nothing, people would criticize them for that....they can't win for losing.
US media is corupt Jay they've been caught planting fake storys and goverment propaganda
Reverend Blair
They also don't say who they polled, just that there were 85 "experts" who were "mostly American". Consider where most analysts in the US work...right-wing think tanks. Hmmm...why even bother polling them? We already know what they think.
Saying there is a 70% chance of wmd use within the next 10 years is not particularly useful. 10 years is a long, long time. Considering that in 1995, there was a Sarin attack in the Tokyo subway, that qualifies as a wmd, it's a biological weapon.

Put it in perspective, it's not very meaningful.
I think not
Yup we are terrified.

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