Credit Card Breach Might affect many Canadians

I believe it has and willagain,but the banks don't want to alarm us to the point that we stop using their cards. We've a minor credit card scam here that left many people in financial trouble---a small mall here ,well,every merchant and ATM were rigged to relay the pertinent info to a bunch of crooks supposedly originating out of Montreal. The sad thing is it affected mostly the call center employees who also work in that Mall.
I think not
Boy am I happy I cut my credit cards 5 years ago. I only keep a debit card when I travel and one credit card I use to rent cars with because they don't accept debit cards.
They said this happened over a month agoand now they let us know that up to 40 million cardholders could be in trouble. I am so happy that Mastercard kept refusing to geve me one of their cards.

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