Neocons in Control of World Bank

Well this should speed up world goverment plans for the Neocons
I think not
Quote: Originally Posted by mrmom2

Well this should speed up world goverment plans for the Neocons

I didnt read anything that indicated that mrmom, at least not on this post. Although I doubt he gives a flying f*ck what goes on in Africa
I don't think neo-cons are much for world government...
Vanni Fucci
Actually Jay, the neocons are all for establishing a world government with a neocon ideologue at the helm.

Return of the Nation-State—and the Leviathan (external - login to view)
"Conservative internationalists insist that the natural order is one of competing nation-states—a Hobbesian world in which individual nation-states control their own populations while in the international arena the most powerful nation or Leviathan controls the world order."

I suppose this is what you mean.

It’s a far cry from what the UN is or wants to become, and that is a world government, where countries live under its umbrella.

I know I don't want it, as I believe in the nation state. It’s this funny attachment I have to democracy.
Derry McKinney
Jay, the UN does not want to become a world government, at least not in the way that you mean. What you are saying is nothing but another hateful bit of Republican spin. How come conservatives up here don't even have the gumption to make up their own ridiculous conspiracy theories?
Hateful? Surely you must not understand the meaning of the word.

It isn't my fault that common sense doesn't stop at the boarder and creeps its way into Canada.
I think not
Quote: Originally Posted by Jay

Hateful? Surely you must not understand the meaning of the word.

It isn't my fault that common sense doesn't stop at the boarder and creeps its way into Canada.

So you're a glutton for punishment, eh?
I've always had this fantasy about being spanked by a left wing Owl Farmer....I think I've come to the right spot.
Reverend Blair
I believe my friend from Congress has raised a very good point....Why can't you guys come up with your own conspiracy theories, Jay? Is the radical right that devoid of imagination and inspiration?
It isn't a conspiracy theory Rev. The development of the UN into a world government seems to me to be a logical step in the scheme of things.

And believing in the nation state isn't a conspiracy either, nor is the reduction of democracy in nation states with a world government a conspiracy theory either....
Reverend Blair
That's not the question I asked, Jay.

Your contention that the UN is striving to become a world government goes against everything the UN has ever said and would not work the way the UN is structured, so the proposition that they are working toward the goal of becoming a world government is indeed a conspiracy theory.

The UN has done more to spread democracy and protect the sovereignty of nations than any single state or institution.
Striving might not be the right word to use. But I think it is an inevitability that a world government will occur, and the logical step to its creation is the UN, regardless of the form the UN takes throughout the stages of the creation of a world government.

It isn't outside of logic to assume this, nor is it a conspiracy, as it is highly probable that it will happen.
So your telling me Rev that the UN doesn't want to be the standard of law for the world .Did you know during the sunami relief effort the UN was running around demanding that private orgs wear Un colors and do what the UN told them to do Whats up with that?
Reverend Blair
The UN does want to be charge of international law, Mr. Mom. Who else can be? The tsunami relief thing was a mess, but there were a lot of NGOs who were accomplishing nothing and a lot of services being duplicated while other services were going undone, not to mention the political problems that the huge influx of aid workers caused.

The UN was in charge of organising the effort and were trying to get a handle on things. Should they have been forcing people to wear UN uniforms? I don't know, but they were trying to do what they were charged to do.

Let's have a look at international laws though.

Who writes them? The international community through the UN. Nations that are not signatory to various treaties do not have to abide by those treaties.

Who enforces them? The international community through the Security Council.

Who runs the international courts? Experts on international law from all over the world.

Who goes to international court? Countries have the option of trying their own war criminals etc. first. If they cannot or will not, then the Security Council can pass a resolution that those who have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity to try them. A country without the resources can request that the ICC hold a trial for them.

The UN has no money of its own, no police force, no military. Membership is not mandatory and it cannot levy taxes. It is not government in the way you mean.
The Un is trying to start a plan to tax us all Rev soon as that starts and they start telling countrys what their laws should be what have you got .Defacto world goverment
"It is not government in the way you mean."

Not now. And it might not even be the one that does it, as it becomes less relevant. But me's think it will happen and I'm against it, I'm pro nation state.

I read sometime ago that the Canadian Government put through a motion stating that if the UN did become a world government, of some sort, it would hand over certain responsibilities to it....anyone know if that is true of not?
Reverend Blair
You'll have to come up with a link on that, Jay...there's a lot of misinformation on that subject.

The UN in no way means the end of the nation state. If anything it ensures the sovereignty of nation states because there are rules that control invasions and so on.
Sounds par for the course for those spineless idiots that run are country Wouldn't surprise me one bit they all bend over and take it from whoever in the world wants to give it
Quote: Originally Posted by Reverend Blair

You'll have to come up with a link on that, Jay...there's a lot of misinformation on that subject.

I've looked but to no avail. I'm considering therefore it was hocus pocus.
Reverend Blair
Yup. I'm surprised you couldn't find a link's common hocus pocus.

"It is not government in the way you mean."

If I was a conspiracey theorist I would say it is either the secret government or NWO (new world order)
Well the UN can take there plan to tax me and shove it I will bet Canada is the first to sign on to that one .Stupid Canadians won't care if they have to pay another tax
Reverend Blair
What plan?
I'll find the link and post it later tonight but I read the story about a month ago .
Heres a quick one Rev but the story I read was in a mainstream paper I'll look for it and post (external - login to view)
Heres an old one I know there is a newer article out there (external - login to view)
Reverend Blair
I say again, "What plan?" Those are a bunch of proposals. Anybody can make them. Do you know what it would take for them to be accepted? If they were accepted, Canada would would still have to sign on. If Canada did sign on, you most likely see an equivalent reduction in your present tax or the Canadian government would pay the cost out of taxes they collect.

You'd pay the same, or maybe less because of the economics of scale, in the end.
The Philosopher
The UN indirectly taxes governments. It has many different funds that most people contribute to such as World Relief Fund and World Poverty Fund. The UN tells everyone what they expect countries to spend. Most nations go on par with this, some go lower.
Reverend Blair
Actually, very few countries meet what the UN suggests. What they suggest is 0.7% of GDP...a figure that Canada came up with. We've never met it.

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