Police ask: Where's the beef?

Col Man
CALGARY, Alberta (Reuters) - Canadian police were on the lookout on Friday for a tractor-trailer loaded with beef that was stolen overnight without trace.

It is described as a large, white rig with a huge picture of a cow emblazoned on the side.

The trailer, packed with C$200,000 (86,464 pounds) worth of beef, was lifted from a Calgary, Alberta, meat distributor early on Friday, Calgary Police Detective Jim Elcombe said.

"One of the employees did see a truck hook up to this trailer at about three o'clock in the morning but didn't think anything was out of the ordinary until it was later discovered that it was missing," Elcombe said.

Police appealed for the public's help in locating the refrigerated trailer, pointing out that the cow mural was a distinctive characteristic.

"Somebody who goes to the trouble to steal, from what I understand, was 220 quarters of beef hanging inside, would have to have someplace they could get rid of it rather quickly," he said.
Col Man
Link : uk.news.yahoo.com/050521/80/fjhf3.html (external - login to view)
O.K. Who's having the big barbecue? And,can I come?

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