Penguins die from suspected STD

Col Man
A mysterious outbreak of chlamydia, a bacterial infection which humans pass to each other through sex, is believed to be behind the death of a dozen penguins at the San Francisco Zoo.

The illness turned the zoo's Magellanic penguin colony into a disease hot spot, sparking fatal respiratory distress and kidney failure that struck down 12 of the birds.

But the illness that struck down the zoo's "Penguin Island" was not thought to have been sexually transmitted, officials said. "We suspect it could have something to do with the gulls and their droppings but it could have been something else," zoo spokeswoman Nancy Chan said.
Col Man
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if you want to find more of what american zoo-keepers get up to in their spare time....
Strange zoo keepers glad I'm not one of them
Col Man
yeah notice how the spokesperson was a woman..thats because all the guys are down the std clinic
ouch, i finally got that one.
Dexter Sinister
Jeez Col Man, do you have nothing to do but look for bizarre news stories to post? Penguins dying of STDs, acrobatic sex in China, fake ***** for drug testing, talking ***** on tv, Orgasm Day in Brazil...

I'm not complaining, you understand, you do have the virtue of being entertaining, I'm just curious. What must your life be like that these things are always crossing your path?
Well try this picture....col man and nickfun out on a saturday night But any friend of little ricky's is a friend of mine don't forget he is british.....mmmmm good thing BigH is not around
Peapod would you care to join Col Man and I for a little frivolity this weekend? Just the three of us

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