China newly-weds sue after bedroom tumble

Col Man
SHANGHAI (Reuters) - A newly-wed couple in Shanghai have filed a complaint against a local hotel after the groom broke his arm during bedroom fun and games. Yu Haitao and bride Fang Shuling were taking part in traditional tease-the-newly-weds celebrations when Yu tumbled off the bed breaking his left arm, state media said on Wednesday.

"My husband slipped right after he stood up on the bed to get ready for the games," Fang told the Shanghai Daily.

"It happened within seconds without any big movement."

Yu, 28, who underwent a 20,000 yuan (1,289 pound) operation on Tuesday, and Fang said the hotel had provided unsafe facilities, the newspaper added.

The hotel management denied any responsibility.

Wedding pranks are a long-standing tradition in China, with friends and family given the chance to tease and heckle the newly-weds.

Many couples across China rushed to get married before the start of the current Year of the Rooster, believing it to be a jinxed time to tie the knot.

On top of that, the lunar cycle began relatively late this year, meaning the year did not contain "lichun", the auspicious day that marks the start of spring, thus earning it an added reputation for being unlucky for wedlock.
Col Man
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i just don't get this...does it mean that everyone hangs around and watches them in the bedroom antics, or what? and what exactly happened to cause this, anyhow? hmmmm, requires further clarification

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