North Korea is the Real Threat

I simply do not bother making excuses for Castro. He could have had it all, he chose instead to have nothing, and he has caused crap in South America and In Africa, because he believes in the Comintern.

Cuba isn't a pissy little island with nothing on it. After nationalizing the US oil refineries, and reserves, he did have things he needed. He also nationalized the land, and in the documentary I watched it said the first piece of land to go was his mothers, and she never forgave him for it. He has created instability where there was none.

All he has to do to start normalization is to have elections, and have them regularly. Why is he scared of elections?
Reverend Blair
You make excuses against Castro, Jay.

When Batista was in charge he (as a puppet of the USA) turned the island into a combination slave labour camp/gambling den/*****house for rich Americans. The cuban people have done far better under Castro.
"You make excuses against Castro, Jay."

They are valid.

To be clear I'm not supporting Batista. And as I said before, Castro had the right idea...but it all went down hill. He made his bed.

He will be dead soon though, and I expect real change to occur after that.
North Korea nuclear fears deepen (external - login to view)
Jo Canadian
I think not
The US is starting to pay attention (external - login to view)
I think not
Quote: Originally Posted by mrmom2

The US is starting to pay attention (external - login to view)

Nice link mrmom, you have to register. Selling NY TImes subscriptions now are we? Hmmmmm? :P

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