Wrong bath lands policeman in hot water

Col Man
TOKYO (Reuters) - A Japanese policeman returning from an evening's drinking has landed in hot water after climbing into a relaxing hot bath in someone else's house.

The 21-year-old officer from Nara, western Japan, was arrested and charged with unlawful entry after being discovered late on Friday night in the bath tub of a house about 50 yards from his own, police said.

"I can't believe it wasn't my bath," NHK television quoted the policeman, who was off duty on the day of the incident, as telling investigators.
Col Man
uk.news.yahoo.com/050417/80/fgi6o.html (external - login to view)
When I was younger living in Queensboro we had a big party and one of are friends from loops got hammered and passed out on our neighbors couch .He came over in the morning and woke me up to get are buddy of his couch.Man he was pissed
Jo Canadian
Something similar happened to me in Yellowkinfe.

I was partying at a friends and had passed out in the bathroom getting rather sick. I then woke up in darkness. Feeling around I found myself to be on the bathroom floor (I could feel the toilet) However when I turned on the light, it wasn't the same bathroom! In fact it was in a trailer on the other side of town close the the trailer I was Homeboarding in (similar layout)

Luckily I was able to sneak out without getting anyones attention.
Col Man
When discussing drunkenness in contexts in which there might be anger, please avoid the word pissed.

Pissed can mean either angry or drunk.
He was angry Machjo next time I will add the off
Col Man
which reminds me of that famous story i heard :
a guy had a big arguement with his wife and after he went out to the pub pissed (angry) and got pissed(drunk)..
while ¨getting more and more drunk he thought ¨ill show her¨
so after 10 pints and the pub closing he goes back to his house and all the lights are off so he quietly sneak into the house creeps op the steps and silently opens the door to the bedroom..
in the dark he can see a shape lying in the bed..
he thinks ¨right now your for it b**ch¨
and get a pillow, jumps on top of her stuffs the pillow on her head and gives her the ¨time of her life¨
shes writhing and squealing and eventually goes quiet
he ¨spills his beans¨ and satisfied.. gets up and goes to the bathroom..
but as he gets to the bathroom he sees the light on..
puzzled he opens the door and to his amazement finds his wife sat in the bath...
she says ¨ssshhhhh... keep quiet! your mum came round and got drunk and shes asleep in our bed¨
Col Man
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