Woman Had Leech Up Nose For A Month

Col Man

Leech lived in nose for four weeks

A leech slithered up the nose of a woman and stayed there for four weeks.

The blood-sucking creature managed to get into the hiker's nostril while she washed her face in a stream.

But the hapless host did not realise anything was wrong for two weeks until she felt something moving.

After seeking medical help, doctors in Hong Kong made several attempts to remove the insect invader.

First her family doctor tried to remove it but failed because the woman had a nosebleed.

A second attempt in hospital was also unsuccessful as the leech retracted into her nose.

Doctors finally removed it two weeks later by anaesthetising the two-inch bloodsucker with a nasal spray.

"After two minutes, the leech slowly moved out of the sinus and was retrieved with forceps," the Hong Kong Medical Journal said.

"This form of leech infestation has not been previously reported."

The woman could have suffocated if the leech had attached itself to her larynx, doctors said.
Col Man
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