You Thought Enron Was Bad?

How come corporate media is not telling us this story? (external - login to view)
Jo Canadian

How come corporate media is not telling us this story?

That's an easy one. It has to do with math. The media caters to people with the Michael Jackson entertainment value because it requires little brain power, add in math and you lose viewers. Which means fewer people watching ads, which means sponsors don't like what's being aired, which means the threat of pulling out funds, and move on to a competitor which runs pimp my ride or something like that.... Sad isn't it?

So true Jo But if Fanny Mae goes down millions of mutual fund holders are going to lose their retirement savings and the CEO's won't lose a thing
i think it might have something to do with bush. he had stated he would make mortgages available to low income families as part of his acceptance speech at the republican convention in 2004. " because ownership brings security and dignity and independence".

so, fannie mae benefits from the government making mortgages available and i don't think they would want the general public to know that they are not doing that great a job at it. they milk the low income families with these mortgages, because they have all their debts in one, and not too often can afford to pay off early. called 'predatory lending'.

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