Paying Tipsters at Schools

I was just sitting here watching the news with my Coffee. Now down in the states, they passed a law, that will allow school districts to pay money to students who tip off the school about potential attacks, bomb threats etc.

First thing that came to mind... This stinks of 1984 Not to say that it's bad that they want to remove horrible incidents from schools, however it's encouraging younger children to rat on other people... Remember in 1984 when the children rat out their parents? By the time time one more generation passes, it'll be "normal" to do this...

Just my two cents this morning
It will probably used more against potheads than terrorists! But potheads are terrorists anyways because they directly support Bin Laden, right?
This reminds me when I was in elementary school in the 80's. An RCMP told us that if one of our family members was doing drugs, that we should turn them in because it was best for them. Thank you DARE program! I'm sure the police would provide lots of help....riiiight......
Reverend Blair
Things are getting pretty freaky down there.
Whatever happened to tattletales? I recall when I was 14 I wrote a comical piece about blowing up my school (even targeting certain unpopular teachers) and everyone loved it and got it published in the school paper! Where have the last 30 years gone? I miss 'em!
I no longer consider George Orwell's 1984 a work of fiction.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reverend Blair

Things are getting pretty freaky down there.

I think they scare their population, and create that fear a lot too. The media will always cover the worst things about life. Even the Canadian Media does it to a lesser extent.

If the population is always scared and ready to turn on their friends, family, neighbours.... Then it's easy to pass laws for their military, Acts like this "Paying the Tipsters" and other things like that.
I don't know about this. I mean if the "snitches" snitch on them aren't they going to get beat up or hurt bad or killed if they snitch on the wrong person for a lousey 10 or 100 bucks?

If I was in that school I would keep my mouth shut. If you get found out as a snitch your school life could be made a living hell. Its not right but that is the way it is in schools these days.
People react to informants that way, because such activity smacks of fascism. Nobody wants their every move to be scrutinized and reported on. Can you blame them?

Thing is, there' s a specific kind of informant whose motives are only spiteful and gainful - nobody likes that *******. On the other hand, there's the whistleblowers who expose corruption and neglect. Those guys seem to have a higher motive, but get treated the same way in the end.
Thats a good point Snoproblem... But I more have a problem with the fact the schools are encouraging it by paying students. If a person comes forward to stop a shooting or bomb threat, then i applaude them... But for the government to encourage people to rat on their peers.. Thats different. Anyone that knows of a killing that is going to happen should have a moral obligation to step in and do something, they shouldnt have to be paid off.

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