Kelly Ellard found Guilty

it's about time. thank god. took over 35 hours of deliberation to come to this conclusion. she is a bad un.
Yup and I bet it will be appealled. If she would of accepted the first trial sentance she would be out now or up for parole.

She should get 25 but more than likely won't.
Finally!!!!!! Wonder how much that cost us...hey maybe her and karla can buddy up on a apartment in the future
Thank god!!!!

Maybe now Mr and Mrs. Virk can put this all behind them.

That Kelly is a piece of work. She has one of the most telling faces. bitter, angry, and not a bit of remorse.

I worked with a girl who's friend was a guard at Burnaby Centre for women while little miss kelly was there. Her face speaks of her soul the lady said. Which means that kelly is indeed nasty little creature.
well twila, at least i was right on that one. all of us in the family said that her face kinda gave her away. you try not to be judgemental, but my god, she is downright scary. what the hell went wrong there i wonder? her brother is no better.
Is it a sign of youth today? Fights happen all the time, but when I was in school it was mostly guys who fought, but not that bad. When girls fight it's alot more nasty. And she bragged about it. Sick.
I lived on the gorge last year near where it happened. I didn't know it happened there until after I moved in. It's sad to think that kids treat people like that, based on how someone looks.
Well it is the lack of parenting too I think. Parents are not around as much as they used to be as both have to work. It could also be that her parents were racist too and it rubbed off on her. I dunno what goes through peoples minds these days.
i agree with you no1. i believe it is a lack of parenting on all sides. very tragic. when i read details about this case this morning, i couldn't believe the fact that she was convicted the first time, appealed the conviction, was out on bail. First it was basically house arrest, then her lawyers appealed that, so she was allowed to look for work, then they appealed that, and she ended up living at a 'half way' house in new westminster. that is when she beat the crap out of a woman in a park.

what gives here? she goes from pleading guilty, given 5 years, her lawyers appeal, so she is basically set free until her next trial. it is so depressing our system. was she not kept under more supervision due to lack of room in jails/half way houses? no wonder individuals get so upset at the way the system works.
What's going to be even more upsetting to some is the fact that her 6 odd years of incarceration maybe considered time served. 6 yrs waiting could equal 12 yrs served.
i know, that makes me feel sick. also, they are thinking of appealing - again! god, how much is this whole mess costing the tax payer?
Yes I am sure she will come out even more bitter and pissed off. We will probally be dealing with Kelly Ellard until she is only able to get around with a walker.
I'm hoping that she runs in to the person who is more bitter and angry then she.....cause there is always someone stronger, bitterer, more pissed off, and more volitile. Lets hope little miss kelly bumps into them.
Maybe a relative of the victim?

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