I'm a little confused about something in this michael jackson case. Ok, there seems to be numerous ex-employees of michael jackson who claim to have seen him doing various bad things. Now... they are coming to court to tell the jury etc about it all...

What I don't understand is.... WHY did they not alert the police at the time of the incidents? Did they hide what they saw until now, or turned a blind eye?

If they did see stuff, and didn't alert the police of this, aren't they somehow guilty of a crime too? there has to be some law against not reporting when you see someone abusing a child...

I could be wrong, maybe they did report it, but that makes me wonder why he hasn't been in a bunch of big court cases over the years.. i know he has been in a few out of court settlements in the past...

I don't know, someone care to explain this one to me?
Money they were scared of what Jackson could do to their lives .Money talks bull**** walks
most of them from what I've heard, sued him for ..... I can't think of the exact term... wrongful termination?
He's bad.
The sad thing is, He'll probably end up getting out of this somehow. I personally think he's pretty creepy and I think he probably did most of these things he's being acused of. However... Rich people tend to be like teflon.
Jo Canadian
This guy is completly and has to be the totally weirdest person on the planet.
LOL @ Comic
Quote: Originally Posted by no1important

This guy is completly and has to be the totally weirdest person on the planet.

Joe Canadian, Michael Jackson, or the Pope?
Michael Jackson.

I do wish Joe Canadian would do more of those Molson commercials. ha
Jo Canadian
Jo Canadian
I can't get enough of the Michael jackson jokes


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