By 2008- everyone entering the US will need a passport

giving your drivers licence no# gives them the same access.
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It is just another way "america" wants to control the population of the world. America is a paranoid evil violent society and unfortunatly I do not have any ideas to stop them without violence.

Hmmmm! I can't decide whether this is a demonstration of paranoia or a lack of imagination.

As a passport carrier, I don't have strong feelings about it one way or another. I don't think it really does much for U.S. security, but maybe it looks good to Americans. They seem to be willing to accept almost anything these days (in the name of security); witness the Patriot Act.
Your passport dosn't have biometric markers 40 But i'll bet when you go to get another one it will.
Requiring a passport to enter the U.S. seems fair enough, it's their country, let 'em do as they will. It does seem to completely undermine the friendly relationship between us and the States though.
For people such as myself who see no need to travel into the U.S. it'll make no difference; besides, I wouldn't feel comfortable having the border guard see my affinity for Cuban holidays.
Reverend Blair
He means that it's fine when a US corporation sets up in a foreign country, contributes little other than slave labour positions and environmental degradation, and ships all of its profits home, but it isn't fine when a man risks his life and goes through great hardship to send a few buck out of the US to feed his family.

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