Flying squirrel won't be ejected from Canada

Col Man
TORONTO (Reuters) - Sabrina the flying squirrel has been allowed permanent residency in Canada after a government order to deport her -- which made made headlines around the world last year -- was reversed this week.

"I think justice got done," Clayton Ruby, a high-profile Toronto lawyer who led a campaign to change Canada's policy on importing squirrels and other banned rodents, said on Friday.

"They've passed regulation which says this will not happen again."

Naturalist Steve Patterson bought the squirrel legally in the United States last year and brought it to Canada to use for children's nature studies. Sabrina's entry into the country was eased by a customs blunder at the U.S. border.

On discovering the mistake, the Canadian government said the animal had to be sent back to the United States, citing a 2003 ban on importing rodents that was brought in after a monkeypox outbreak south of the border.

"I cleared customs. I did everything above board and so everything would be all right, I thought," Patterson said.

"My only recourse was to deny what they wanted, which was Sabrina out of the country. What else can you do? Give up? I don't think so."

Canada's Health of Animals Act was changed in November 2004 to allow for the importation of animals such as Sabrina for "educational purposes".

But Ottawa still filed a lawsuit against Patterson, lost, and appealed, before settling the case this week.

And Sabrina?

"Oblivious to the whole thing," said Patterson. "Poor little innocent squirrel. You just don't treat people like that. Or animals."
Col Man
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Jo Canadian
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Squirrel Soup.
Col Man
Does she wear the aviator's helmet and goggles[the way Rocky does]?Any large moose hanging around her?
Reverend Blair
I love that cartoon. It's so makes as much fun of the American establishment as Boris and Natasha. A true work of art.
Hard to believe it comes from 1959 to 61! Damn,I'm old!
Reverend Blair
Yeah I know...they quit making it three years before I was born. Somehow it was fully relevant until the 1980's though.
They are still watchable today because some thought went intothe making of the cartoons[and a lot of talent].
Most of the other cartoons of that time were just total crap..the Hanna
Barbara stuff,for instance. I still like Huckleberry Hound and Snagglepuss tho
Reverend Blair
It was good writing. Get Smart was like that too. And Bugs Bunny. It didn't pander to the lowest common denominator, instead assuming people were smart enough to get it.

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