The Pope Is Dieing

Rick van Opbergen
The Pope has been given his Last Sacraments, it has been said.
Ten Packs
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Jerry Falwell isn't feeling too good,either
Reverend Blair
Maybe they can cremate Falwell to generate the white smoke when they pick the next Pope?
White smoke! Not from a greaseball like Falwell! He'll be roasting down in the 13th circle of Hades soon enough.
Reverend Blair
They can never tell anyway, Missile. There's a puff of smoke and then the commentators ask each other what colour it was until a Vatican spokesman comes out and says if there was a decision or not. It's bizarre.

Rooftop rentals with a view of the chimney the smoke comes out of in Vatican City are going sky high. What a goofy world we live in.
Reverend Blair
He had a heart attack (external - login to view)
It does not look good for him. I hate to say it but I think he may "pass away" today or tomorrow. I am not a fan of the Catholic Church and some of the views of the Pope, but you have to respect him since he is the leader of a very large religious organization. Death is always sad to me, no matter who it is with exceptions being for certain criminals.
Now the thought of Jerry fawell dying, well that is just plain good news to me.
Reverend Blair
Falwell is so full of hate that his body likely won't rot.
Jo Canadian

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