Zahra Kazemi


Haven't seen a thread about this. This story is very disturbing. A Canadian citizen tortured, raped and beaten to death by those animals for daring to stand up to their authority.
Reverend Blair
It isn't really news as far as I'm concerned. I don't mean to minimize what happened, but this isn't exactly a fresh story. The doctor who treated her in Iran has come forward with his story, but we all knew she'd been beaten in custody and presumed she'd been raped when it happened. At least I don't think anybody believed the "official" story coming out of Iran.

It will be interesting to what reaction, if any, the Canadian government has. They should, at the very least, push for international condemnation of the act. They will have the backing of HRW, Amnesty, and Reporters Without Borders on that for sure.
I agree, Rev, that not many people believed the 'official' version. But detailed, graphic accounts of her injuries from the doctor that treated her is much more powerful than conjecture on what might of happened. The story mentions 'files' that the doctor smuggled out with him - with actual evidence of what happened, it will be interesting to see Iran's reaction now.
It is a terrible tragedy but for the life of me, she should of known the risks of doing what she did. She should of stayed far away from that country. I am not saying it was her fault but she went there knowing the risks,the politics and the view they have reguarding females, so it should not have come as a suprise what happened.

I think the government of Canada should push the issue, but really what can be done?
Ya, ain't it great! You can bet no one will ever have to answer for it either. Rape and murder..just another day in the neighbourhood.
It makes me so angry to think that people can get away with that kind of crap. I honestly wish that each one of those male pigs had the same thing happen to them...maybe then they would think next time of doing that to someone else, that is if they survive it . But of course that would be too cruel...
I really hope that Canada presses this case, and that it gets more media action...
frig I hate this world sometimes
Reverend Blair

It is a terrible tragedy but for the life of me, she should of known the risks of doing what she did.

She was an experienced photojournalist. She was raised in Iran and had worked worked all over the world. She knew exactly the risk she was taking and broke a few guidelines that journalists are told to follow when working in places like that. She did it because she was trying to change things. We could use a lot more like her.

The first thing Canada has to do is seek a condemnation of Iran from the international community and human rights groups. We need to do that without getting involved in the current spat over nukes because that will give Iran a chance to say that we are just doing it for political reasons.

Once we have the condemnation then we need to seek justice at the ICC. Iran has already held a mock trial.

When Iran refuses to cooperate in that, and they will, then we need to pull our ambassador (again) and place a full embargo on all goods and services going to Iran. We need to encourage other nations to do the same.

It will make little or no difference in the end, but that is pretty much the extent of what we can do, and it will put more pressure on the international community to tie trade and other relationships to human rights issues.

She did it because she was trying to change things. We could use a lot more like her.

Damn right! If Canada can mobilize enough world support, and put enough pressure on Iran maybe it can lead to real reforms. The climate is right in the region, and the reformers in Iran may be emboldened to force change. If not I say we invade! I've got a canoe and a couple bb guns I'll contribute for the cause!
Why is Canada giving briefings to known terrorist-sponsoring nations about security and screening procedures for civil aviation??
Vanni Fucci
Yeah...I find the fact that our government is still willing to pander to these bastards, even after the truth of her brutal rape and beating death has been realized, to be truly despicable...
Small step against Iran by pulling out of this conference:

I hope it doesn't stop there. We should pressure Ottawa to do more....

BTW, does anybody else on this forum actually do anything (like call their MP, MPP) about current events or politics, or just content themselves by ranting online?? I write, email, or phone my MP or MPP every week! (My wife thinks I'm loonie)
Since we helped release some of the hostages from Iran we have not been on too friendly of terms with Iran. I think we should stop doing business with them.

But Iran is a weird country in a sense that they have a huge population of young people under 30,and they want reforms, but that will have to wait until the old "dictators" die off. So there is hope down the road for Iran but for the time being we need to cut off all trade to them.

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