New Royal Wedding Souvenirs

In honour of Charles and Camilla's upcoming nuptials,many companies are putting out various items with their images on them for sale to collectors of such. Might I suggest a Prince Charles tampon[well, he did suggest he'd like to be one]?
ha! how come i just can't get the whole incident out of my mind......yeah, after that one, i don't think i could ever look at him the same. kinda like mr. peanut, or happy foot, now we have mr. tampon!!! hey - that would make a great t-shirt. hmmm, i might be on to something here......
How about my newest money making idea? Prince Charlie PantyLiners? Only,instead of having "wings",this product has "ears".Feel free to use any of my only wish is to benefit mankind
Missle starts my day off with a good laugh thanks

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