Crack Pipes For Everyone!!!

Well, kind of.

The federal government has begun giving pipes to users of hard drugs in an attempt to try and supplement for needles, preventing the spread of diseases like hepatitus A, I think it was, my memory isn't that good. This morning was a long time ago. But these pipes come with glass mouth pieces, alcohol suaves for easy cleaning, and a "tabacco use only" sticker. They're doing this and marijuana's not legal because..? But it's good to see that the government is being realistic about drugs.

Note: The sticker part was a joke, the other two items are true.

I'd be giving you more information, but a music radio station's morning news isn't that informative.
Of course is a good idea. Pretending something does not exists does not work. Some of these diseases cost the medical system a fortune. If they can be prevented by supplying pipes than its a good thing.
Reverend Blair
Hepatitis A, B, and C can be passed along by crack pipes, Munkustrap. So can HIV. What happens is that the addicts get open sores on their lips and the contaminated blood carries the diseases. It isn't quite as efficient at spreading infection as sharing needles, but it is a very real problem.
But if everyone gets a pipe, no need for sharing!

hey Munkustrap. Just realised that you're from Ottawa.. Think you could help me out with my novel at all? Were you old enough to remember 1995 very well? because that's when it takes place. Well...thanks! Toods.
I'd be happy to help you if I can. Though, my memory sucks as it is, and 1995 was a long time ago, or so it seems, to me... But I can try.
lol well that's cool, I'll send you the first couple of pages in PM if you don't mind.

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