Beef-Bowl Fans Demand U.S. Imports

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If Japan lifts their ban on US beef think the US ban on our beef will be removed?
The links not there anymore Twila
Reverend Blair
I don't think the ban is going to be lifted any time soon, Twila.

Oddly enough, if we were to do what needs to be done in this country...ban all animal protein in all livestock feed, open up our own slaughterhouses and test every cow for BSE...we could sell directly into every market in the world.

It would create jobs for Canadians, make our food supply safer, solve the problem of the US border, and allow us control over our own future. That we have been so slow to do so shows how much Paul Martin and Stephen Harper are in love with licking Georgie's boots.
I was just wondering if part of the deal was protectionism.
Reverend Blair
Yes, part of the deal is protectionism...they are using the BSE issue as an excuse. The truth is, and the Japanese have mentioned this when the international panel was here looking at our system. They consider the North American herd to be a single herd because it has been so integrated for so long. They are right to do so.

The ranchers and the slaughter industry in the US to like to differentiate the Canadian herd from the US herd because they don't want to have to test every cow. Their reaction is to try to keep the border closed.

It has already bitten the slaughter industry in the *** though and now it's costing them money because their plants aren't working to capacity. The ranchers love it because they get a premium for their beef. Notice that it was a judge in Montana that kept the border closed.
It is creating jobs Rev.They just reopened a packing plant in Salmon Arm.Theres adds in our local paper for jobs in Alberta plants.I agree test all the animals and open up more markets for our beef.Put the Canadians to work at the expense of the US workers .
Reverend Blair
It's slow though. We should have been opening plants within the first six months. The feed bans should have been immediate. We should have said we'd test every cow within one year.
Yea i agree.The only reason there has not been a case of BSE in the US is the ranchers down there shoot them and bury them before anybody finds out.BSE occurs naturally in 1 out of every 100,000,000.That being the case there has got to be 19 cases of BSE in the US right now
Reverend Blair
If you ever get a chance to see it, Country Canada did a very good documentary about a year ago called "Shoot, Shovel, and Shut Up."They actually went to the US and met with the guy in Washington State who had reported the first mad cow. He had feds following him around to keep him from talking to the press.

They also talked to a vet who revealed what a load of crap the US system is and a guy who tried to open his own slaughter house and test every cow. The US government wouldn't let him test every cow. They are working very hard not to find anything.
I saw that too, Rev it was a very good programme.

I saw on the news tonight beef is at a record price in America and thats the "real" reason border is not re opened. Those guys would make less money.

I would also like to add Canadian Beef is "cut up" better and tastes better than American beef, in my opinion. It must be the air. ha
You know, maybe the Americans are doing us a favour by forcing Canadian ranchers to court other markets. Once they've changed the feed, and test every head, etc., the world at large will see that Canadian beef is a superior, safer product. Yankee won't be able to sell so much as a rib, outside the U.S.

This will prove, once again, that unbridled greed is, in the end, self-defeating and self-destructive.
Ten Packs
Quote: Originally Posted by mrmom2

It is creating jobs Rev.They just reopened a packing plant in Salmon Arm.

There's also a new one, built about a year ago, between Westwold and Falkland - a good sign.

But on the other hand, the auction yard across the South Thompson from me, is still silent... has been for a couple years now. Shame.
Thats the plant that let the buffalos lose last summer .The hunters around here went wild shooting cattle instead of buffalo .It was quite a mess
Just the Facts
From the article quoted above:

Some U.S. lawmakers have said Washington should impose trade sanctions if the Japanese market is not re-opened soon to U.S. beef.

It's about time we shut our border to U.S. cattle, until they open theirs. I don't blame the U.S. for closing the border initially, but it's gone on too long. They're acting in their best interest, our government needs to get it's @@@@ together and act in ours.
Jo Canadian

You know, maybe the Americans are doing us a favour by forcing Canadian ranchers to court other markets

That's a good point, I think we're way to dependant on their markets, and when you have them playing games like the mad cow, softwood, or even the potato wart situation, they know they can bend the rules without much worry of retribution.

If we became more self sufficient, traded with ourselves and others and bought locally we'd soon see ourselves weaned off of the US's Giant Nipple. Then when they want to pull stunts because of something they want to exploit for their own gain we can laugh from our side of the border while they have their tantrum.
We just need good leaders with a back bone. Canada doesn't have to rely on the states. They would have us believe we need them but we realy dont. If it's a global market, why do we need to do business with them? They want our oil and fresh water, something we have abundance of. Canada should use that to push our interests, something Harper or Martin wont do.

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