Strong Earthquake Sumatra

Rick van Opbergen
A strong earthquake believed to be 8.2 on the Richter scale has struck before the coast on Sumatra some three hours. For more information: LINK (external - login to view)
Rick van Opbergen
There doesn't seem to have been a tsunami - thank God.
Yet, anyways. Because of the location a tsunami would have taken around 3 hours to reach land. No news is good news!
Rick van Opbergen
True. I did hear though on the news that the people in Banda Atjeh have already gone off to bed. Sri Lanka and Thailand though have given orders for evacuation of thousands of citizens in the coastal area - that is what I heard.
Rick van Opbergen
There have been reports of several dozens of deaths on the island of Nias in Indonesia.
Rick van Opbergen
They are saying there is the possibility that a tsunami is heading for Mauritius, but they are not really sure. A tsunami warning had been given though at the island.
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