"W" sells F16's to Pakistan

I was quite suprised about this. It was not long ago Pakistan was accused of Reviving Nuclear Black Market Story (external - login to view)

Now old Georgio is selling them 16 nuclear capable f 16's to thank them for their help? What help? Pakistan was playing both sides of the fence in my opinion, they were "looking" for Binny and the boys(nudge nudge wink wink) and taking money from America.

Is George trying to de stabilize that area? Thoughts?
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Vanni Fucci
I think George is thanking them for their little snippets of intel concerning OBL...

"ooh yeah...we almost had him that time..."

"we think he's hiding in the mountains somewhere between here and there..."

...things like that...keeping OBL in the news, but not necessarily hanging round Georgie's neck...
Um, just a thought, before you go throwing the term "nuclear capable" around it would be good to note that my 18 speed bike is nuclear capable. All I'd have to do is strap a warhead to the handle bars. However it is a little odd that the US is selling fighters to the Pakistanis. Oh wait no its not. The F16 while still a deadly fighting machine has been around a long time and half the air forces in the world are equipped with them. The US isn't exactly selling state-of-the art hardware here. They have done worse and will do worse make no mistake... of course Canada does a pretty good trade in weapons, either contracting out for the US or other NATO militaries. Sale of weapons of one sort or another happens all the time... was it Venezuela that wanted 100,000 AK's and some Soviet MIGS... well they just joined a long list. Maybe once the Americans have stopped selling to the Pakistanis they can sell to the Indians too. Good for business, shouldn't surprise anyone.
Reverend Blair
Pakistan isn't exactly a functioning democracy though, Pycrete. This really brings his foreign policy a little more into question.

Pakistan does share a border with Iran though...
Its called PROBLEM,REACTION,SOLUTION.The Bush gang are the masters of this.Just like selling Saddam chemical weapons,Rumsfeld selling North Korea a nuclear reactor.It goes on and on.Create the problem get the reaction from the public then offer the solution.
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