Satan's pet turtle

Vanni Fucci
CNN (external - login to view)


MICHIGANTOWN, Indiana (AP) -- An Indiana pet store owner says he sees the image of Satan on the shell of a turtle that was the only survivor of a store fire in October.

Maybe he can make some money on ebay with it.
Vanni Fucci
I'd buy it...and I'd name him Virgil...
That's bloody hilarious! The ebay comment reminds me of the christian items like a half-eaten peice of toast that someone said they saw the virgin mary burned onto it.
Vanni Fucci
Grilled Cheese Fetches $28000 on eBay (external - login to view)

I'd spend the $28000 to get the Virgin Mary to feed to my turtle, Virgil...

...he's such a good little turtle, and so fond of cheese...
Ten Packs
Looks more like Jean Harlowe to me...

(and NO, I'm not that old.)
Vanni Fucci
Which one, the turtle or the sandwich?
Ten Packs
That poor turtle. To be so maligned. It's a TURTLE. Satan's turtle. Why would satan want a turtle? What can a turtle do for satan? A TURTLE for petes sake!
Hmmm... Maybe he wants to SLOWLY take over the world!
I thought Pea was taking over the world?

I don't relish the idea of watching Peapod and Virgil the turtle duking it out for control of this pathetic human filled planet.

There was a rumour that Vanni was god. What's all this mean then?

(I just noticed my title has obsessive compulsive. How telling..........)

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