Jessica Lunsford....

Well, some douche bag just confessed to killing the little girl that's been all over the news for over 3 weeks. What's up with all this sick ****s torturing and killing little kids?? It's things like this that make me think that the death penalty is a good thing.....
I agree but the death penalty never seems to be much of a deterent though, as heinous crimes are still committed.
The death penalty does stop the murderers from killing again. I say we should bring it back!
I don't like the fact up here you can get out on parole when you are sentanced to "life"for murder. Life should be life.
I remember finding out that life meant 25yrs. I've tried to figure out how they came to that number.

the closes explanation I can come up with is that there is NO explanation.

Maybe they mean to give a chance. Change your still have a chance. But after being out of society for 25 yrs. Living with other dredges of society what's the chance they're going to get out and be "normal'? None.
Agreed! And this "good behaviour" stuff! It's easy to be on your best behaviour when you are behind bars,away from all aspects of ordinary life. How,for example,could a molestor find little boys and girls to play with while in jail?
It's really wretched, the p.o.s. kept her alive for a few days before he killed her....the leathal injection isn't a just enough punishment for him.
I agree bring it back!Whats with the golf course for the inmates on the coast?Playing golf is rehabilitation?What happened to hard labour,bread and water?
Give him to the US Marines to play with instead of those political prisoners.

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