Ever since 1999, many celebrities have trumpeted about Internet services. "Star Trek" actor William Shatner publicized the benefits of travel site Priceline on television. Movie star Whoopi Goldberg was a pitchwoman for and investor in online currency company Flooz. The end of last year saw Bill Clinton at the launchpad of Accoona, projecting it as a smart and useful search engine facility.
So, what product are you attempting to promote?
Reverend Blair
Please let it be proof that Bill, Whoopie and the other Bill had some sort of tryst. It's been so long since I've heard a good libelous rumour...
According to The A List,Shat is bisexual and even worse,a bad tipper!
Shat's coming to a reality series near you soon. Well if you live in Iowa...
Those ads he did for the bran cereal really did the trick for me,and I don't even buy it. That's the true power of advertising.
Hey guys, i am not promoting anything here. i joined this place for sharing my views. I happened to come across this new search site called and so was curious to know what everyone thinks of it.

To me, on the surface it looked like Google. But when i went in, i found it has an option to emphasise on keyword importance. That impressed me.

I welcome everyone's views on this.

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