Canadian Speeders Get Payback from Town

Col Man
The town of Devon in Alberta, Canada, has to repay 295,000 to drivers after a judge overturned about 6,800 speeding tickets.

The drivers were fined after a private photo radar firm contracted by town authorities caught motorists speeding on a stretch of highway.

But after a complaint to police, officers found that the special constable operating the radar gun was not fully trained when he issued the tickets
Col Man
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I have heard that police officers in America using those radar guns have been getting testcular cancer from using those things. Serves 'em right!
I heard or saw on CBC a while back the same thing happened in a town south of Winnipeg? People were to get money back as speeding tickets were issued by security guards?!?
Reverend Blair
Yeah, they were hiring rent-a-cops and the rent-a-cops were issuing tickets. They aren't allowed to do that. There may have been a couple of cases wher the rent-a-cops performed searches on cars too, but that's unclear.

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