Severed ***** retrieved from toilet is reattached

Col Man
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Reuters) - A 44-year-old Anchorage man has had his ***** surgically reattached after it was cut off by an angry girlfriend and flushed down a toilet, local police say.

The events unfolded about midnight on Saturday, after the pair had been arguing over an impending breakup, an Anchorage Police Department statement said on Sunday. At some point, the two decided to have sex and the man agreed to let the woman tie his arms to a windowsill.

But the woman used a kitchen knife to amputate her partner's ***** and flushed it down the toilet, police said. She untied the man, drove him to a local hospital and was cleaning up the bloody scene when police arrived at the home, according to the statement.

Summoned by the police, workers from the local water utility pulled the toilet up from the floor and were able to recover the severed *****, which was rushed to the hospital for the successful reattachment surgery on Sunday morning.

Police declined to identify the victim, but said his assailant was 35-year-old Kim Tran. She was charged with assault, domestic violence and tampering with evidence, and jailed without bail.
Col Man
this eye watering story can be found at the following link : (external - login to view)
We have been missing those ***** story col man :P we have a few more brits around here now the way have you heard from little ricky!!!!!!
Well, I guess we've all learned a lesson here. Never allow your girlfriend/boyfriend tie you up for make-up sex.
Sounds like a Gob song....except they sang about MING Tran not KIM Tran. Maybe a close relative?
Col Man
always like to post the far out stories i see in the news adds a little lightness to this otherwise all too serious world
and no i havent seen ricky. i can only guess hes busy at university or off on holidays...
ill e-mail him and see if i get a reply

peace n love
Yes tell him peapod is looking for him...I had his email address but I lost it...tell that monkey I miss him....
This sure beats the Bobbit story! At least Bobbits ***** was on the side of the road somewhere!
Col Man
wow nickfun!! is that really you dude????good 2cu man and im glad your still your usual self..speak 2u soon!!
Good to see you Col Man!

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