Bush's at it again....destroying the environment

another mercury lie (external - login to view)

its states that " mercury levels in fish have remained constant or declined slightly since the 1970's"

National library of medicine states that:

Analyses performed on the flesh of rainbow trout showed mercury residues of up to 1.20 mg/kg, which were higher than residues previously reported in trout collected in 1970 and 1971

The above being from one lake in Idaho. Since mercury does not reside in only that one lake..........
Thanks for that twila, I like that nrdc site, I have never see it before, I am going to spend some time there.
Reverend Blair
You have to keep in mind that you are about a goverment that, when informed that arsenic levels in rural wells was above legal limits, simply raised the legal limits. They don't even try to find answers. Instead they redefine the question.
oh I'm aware. I just figured that since the US population is over 300million, Bush was "thinning/culling his herd" I just find it objectionable that my air quality is going to suffer because he's using air borne culling practices.
Reverend Blair
I never really thought of it as culling the herd, more like a complete triumph of greed over humanity. the results suck whichever way you look at it though.
Hard-Luck Henry
(From The Guardian's Steve Bell)


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