GI Admits to Killing Hurt Iraqi Teenager

Dec 10, 8:34 PM (ET)


BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - A U.S. soldier pleaded guilty Friday to killing a severely wounded Iraqi teenager in what investigators say may have been a mercy killing, the latest of several similar incidents that have undercut efforts by the United States to win support among Iraqis and defeat a rampant insurgency.

The conviction of Staff Sgt. Johnny M. Horne Jr., 30, of Winston-Salem, N.C., comes almost a month after the Nov. 13 killing of another wounded Iraqi found lying in a Fallujah mosque among the bodies of several people killed during a weeklong operation to retake that city from insurgents.

Horne is the first of four soldiers from Company C, 1st Battalion, 41st Infantry Regiment, based in Fort Riley, Kan., to face court-martial on charges of murdering Iraqis during fighting in Baghdad's impoverished Sadr City in August.

This week in Germany, a U.S. tank company commander was ordered court-martialed after being accused of shooting and killing a critically injured Iraqi driver for radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr on May 21 near Kufa, 100 miles south of Baghdad.

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i hate long reading so ill just comment on what u posted
i tink these cases are hard to judge and that if he would of dyed anyway then maybe its good but on the other hand all life is sacred
But you have to read th full article. This is not the only case. Read on.
i hate long reading i skimmed though it and i stick to my non opion
Rick van Opbergen
Up to 1,000 "questionable deaths" of Iraqi civilians at the hands of military forces, according to HRW.
That is right. It will turn out that these deaths pre-meditated.
Rick van Opbergen
I think it's a good idea of the HRW as well as Amnesty International (Or was it only AI? Have to read the article again) to investigate these cases and, if necessary, bring the persecutors to justice, under the name of war crimes. Maybe there's a role here for the International Court in The Hague.
Of course there is and it must start at the highest level. With Bush and his cronies. They must be chained and taken to the Hague for crimes against humanity. The world will not be silent anymore. The US went too far in the level of cruelty to humans.
Rick van Opbergen
Lets just stick to the soldiers first, okay? If you want to bring Bush to the Court for crimes against humanity, I would like to see your action plan And besides, in that case we should bring those dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of leaders in other parts of the world to the Court too, because Bush is not the only one who can be accused of crimes against humanity.
No he is not. But thie topic at hand is the US abuse. And the buck stops at the highest rank. So the ultimate responsibility lies on his neck.
Rick van Opbergen
True, but what I mean is that if you want to convict Bush, I wonder how this can be achieved within the boundaries of reality. And my second thing, about other leaders who have been committed crimes against humanity: I'm just preparing you for an argument that will be used frequently when there would be serious plans to prosecute Bush.
I agree with you about other leaders. They should all be chained and dragged like animals along with Bush. Bush is not immune from this. I can not give you an answer of how the international community is going to deal with Bush as he might weasel himself out of it. But it is the responsibility of all of us to bring him and the others to justice.

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