More b.s. from French-Canada......

Reverend Blair

Centrist on the federal scale. They want to concentrate all powers in Ottawa. and interfere in Provincial affairs. Its the reason I hate the libs, and the reason I dislike the NDP.

But it is traditionally the centrist governments that protect provinces like Quebec (and seven or eight others, depending on the year) from the excesses of Alberta and Ontario. Quebec, as a province where most federal powers were devolved to the provinces or as a separate country, would no longer have those protections.
Martin Le Acadien
Quote: Originally Posted by missile

Thanks for the attack.I really enjoyed it. By the way, my last name is LEBLANC and I am of Acadian heritage & would have preferred my ancestors went on the boats to the US South, Sure beats our winters here in NB.!

L'sient mon ami.

I'm sorry about that but my attack mode goes on when the anyone attacks the Francophone side! Daughters wouldn't allow a slight to their linguist heritage to go unchallenged. We are keeping the language alive in Louisiana.



As a LeBlanc, I am related to the LeBlancs so we are cousines,no? Sadly one of my LeBlanc cousines died last night of Breast Cancer here in Louisiana and and My Mother and her family are getting ready for the Funeral Tommorrow. Evelyn was 58 and leaves behind 2 grown kid, grandkids and her husband.

I have heard that comment about the boat more than once, our ancestors here in Louisiana did not fare as well as some and some did better than others. Grass always looks greener on the other side of the pasture, I wish our rights as French Neutrals was honored where we could cross the Border and live as we choose sort of like the Mowhawks. The Grand Derangement took away our pride and when cast out of Nova Scotia, here in Louisiana, most continued on with thier lives but when asked about why they (our forefathers) left, we answer we are in exile! Time to end the exile and a declaration to end the expulsion order and allow the descendants to return.

Dudley Leblanc started the Acadian Renaissance here in Louisiana and a LeBlanc Lawyer is suing Canada in the World Court to get the Derangement labeled as "Ethnic Cleansing" as to force the recognition of Acadian Rights. In my Geneology work I have identified several lines of our Acadian Family lines which ended up not in Louisiana or back in Canada but on Islands in the Caribbean and I believe these persons deserve an easier chance to immigrate to a country with more opportunities and to be reunited with the mainstream of Acadie!

As far as the winters here, it is 11C on 12/3 with high humidity. We don't see any snow, my grand mother Juliet Pitre, told me that her Grandmother told her that her grandmother was born in "Le terre de le long niege" , that would have been Eugenie Maillet, born 1744 in Cobequid, Acadie (near Truro, Nova Scotia)!

i am a descendant of Beausoliel Broussard, the rebel who surrendered in Halifax, NS in 1764 after learning of the French Surrender and was not offered terms but put on a boat and sent to Sante Domingo, Hipanola (NOW DOMINICAN REPUBLIC) and he jumped ship and fled to Louisiana where he died 2 years later leaving behind his widow and their children (Malaria).

As far as catching the boat, I plan on taking the ferry to NS every spring and return to Louisiana in the fall! I will be come a Summer/Winter Acadian Snowbird, we have 2 homes and you are welcome in Louisiana anytime. With a name like LeBlanc, you'll blend in and no one will notice!

Nous Va a la fais-do-do! Souviens la Jolie Blond!
Lache pas la patate mon ami!
This is just one more example of how the english have mistreated the French founders of Kanada, and continue to renege on promises made.
I was raised by my grandparents ,Scottish/Irish, and was never proud of my name. When you're rejected by your parents,it tends to warp your belief system!I'm surprised that i never went through the legal process and had my last name changed to theirs[King] My real father,Charles LeBlanc died two years ago at the age of 83 and even then,didn't want me around.I tried my whole life to get his approval and acceptance-a total waste of time and effort...Both my grandmothers were of Irish descent,so I could claim to be Irish--but I've lived all my life as a LeBlanc and I'll die as one.
It was from CBC. Also, in the US, the language is obviously English, but others who don't read/speak the language so well, are for the most part accomodated.
It IS insane to police the French language like they are...
What do they do, fine or jail someone for not speaking their language all the friggin time?

yeah, that is the definition of insanity.

This is true, Some time ago there was a Handyman with a Van (work van), and on the outside he wrote , in English, all the services he provided like "ELECTRICAL", "HEATING", "PLUMBING" etc.

The Quebec Language Police seized his van and fined him $5000.

These people are ridiculous.

Now really, quebecornazi, arguing for their execution is a bit much, don't you think?

I would hardly compare the French language enforcement organizations, even if they are acting as "radical" as is alleged, to Nazis.
Quote: Originally Posted by LadyC

Quote: Originally Posted by gerryh

you want to elaborate? How are these people "insane"?

"The English language has become very much – throughout the world – the language of business," Charest said.

If it's the language of business, wouldn't it make sense to learn it? Remember all those courses people took before doing business in the East to avoid insulting their hosts? Seems the same to me. If you want to do business with someone, you need to learn their ways, not force them to adapt to yours.


So this means taht not all of Quebec's students ought to learn English. Some ought to learn other languages as well, so that Quebec can do business with the rest of the world in their languages as opposed to English. If a Chinese goes to Quebec and wants to use Chinese, fair enough. French, fair enough. But why should a Chinese impose English on a French Canadian. Just doesn't make sence.
Quote: Originally Posted by sj007

but frech does have its usefulness i understand alot more languages like spanish italian cuz iknow french its also useful in a forin country that deosnt know french so that u dont get pesterd

That's true. On my own time, people are always pesterin gme to practice their Enlgish. At work, I know English. On my own time, Me no know English! (And I can't even say that!). You can either accept my broken Chinese, my French or my Esperanto. But just leave me alone with English!

I'd often been invited for dinner, just to sit at the table and be bombarded with English grammar questions from some 10 year old snot at the encouragement of the parents. Needless to say, I avoid those "friends" as much as possible, and when I can't, I speak in broken Chinese or Chinglish. But I won't give encourage them by speaking English outside of work if I value my free time.

One day, in the morning, I'd had a university student stop me in the street asking for free Enlgish lessons. I told him in Chinese that I could teach him French, and he walked away. At luch time, same day, in a restaurant, I'm busy eating my meal, and a father and his son come sitting down next to me, and the father tells his son in Chinese (I guess he supposed little old whitey here couldn't understand) to practice his English with me. Again, I answer in Chinese that I'm a French Canadian, and so we can speak in Chinese all he wants. The father looked disappointed, but the kid was happy! Same day! Afternoon, shopping for clothes. Another man comes along and wants to offer me a job in the English language, saying his school needed Enlgish teachers! By then, I'd just about had it!

And my French and Esperanto-speaking Chinese friends are usually a lot more interested in discussing culture or other issues rather than English tests (usually teh only topic for English speakers outside of work, other than "how can I improve my English"?

"Not with me, that's for sure; unlike the Anglos, I want to learn Chinese".
Quote: Originally Posted by bevvyd

Charest is one slow politician. English has been the international language of business for many years, where has he been?

Bad news! I use English for international business, and guess what? It's bloody frustrating. Usually, the wording of contracts is filled with grammar mystakes. Those are the best ones, 'cause then you know that you'd better get someone on hand to make sure you all understand the contract.

The worst ones are the contracts which appear to be correct. Once it's signed, however, it turns out that they didn't understand the meaning of some of what they had written, the correctness of all the grammar thus just having been pure luck, and so we then have to get in to a whole fight over it afterwards, thus spoiling relationships at times. It's happenned to me few times, fortunately, but I know others who've really had to pull some out over problem after problem! Welcome to the wonderful world of English!
Yes, it sounds like a lot of the people you meet are ignorant snots & you're better off trying to just ignore their slights and insults.
Quote: Originally Posted by Paranoid Dot Calm

The point was ..... most people living outside of Quebec will never visit that province.

Actually Canadians are among the most travelled within their own country. Seeing as 15 million Canadians live in provinces adjacent to Quebec, I dare say that most Canadians will one day go to Quebec.
So I am to perceive that quebecois(e) is a disease that affects only french-speaking-communist-like behavioural analysts???

Okay, I have to point this out, for those who aren't familiar with Australia...

Where I live, there are about 104 different languages spoken within a single small city (statistic I picked up from having worked in the education department). English prevails, as it is our recognized 'national language' but noone has forced anyone in this country to speak it since 1950, when they abolished the british 'white australia' immigration policy.

I can fumble my way through italian, took some french lessons in secondary school, which I've promptly forgotten (little or no use or requirement here) and learned Japanese from a student whom I lived with a few years ago (again, little or no use) I tried to teach myself Latin... which I found difficult.

While english certainly prevails, noone 'forces' the communication in this country to be in any single language. The only 'forcefulness' I perceive in regards to using english as the common language, comes from the racist bigots who refuse to educate themselves in even a 'little' understanding of the existence of other nationalities. Most people here try to communicate positively with non-english speaking people, and there are certainly many who are more language-educated than myself.
Most children here at school have the opportunity to learn more than one extra language, as several more are presented in the curriculum now, unlike the rudimentary english, french, german, italian, japanese which were offered in my school days. They will certainly be more adept in communicating within australian society than I am at present. Also understand that the majority of our neighbouring nations speak asian languages, which is certainly influential on our culture, even if we do primarily communicate in english.

Whoever thought to 'police' a language, not only has rocks in their head, but is pushng the boundaries of facism in equivalence to the revolutionist days of Hungary and later, Italy's Mussolini. Scary stuff.

Maintaining a culture is one thing... preventing the coexistence of another is akin to racial intolerance, and the philosophy of genocide.

For heaven's sake, speak french, speak english, who cares. there is no 'exclusivity' or moral superiority to be gained by exclusing one from the other, merely the breeding of bigotry and intolerance.
execute 'em and execute every last one of them.
Martin Le Acadien
Quote: Originally Posted by canada500


Also, in the US, the language is obviously English, but others who don't read/speak the language so well, are for the most part accomodated.

I dunno...I know a truck driver who says the language in California and Texas is Spanish, not English. He tried speaking Ukranian to them once and they were...less than accomodating.

Spanish will take over the US in about 25 years,
Espanol sera la lengua france de Estados Unidos en venti-cinco anos.

Toujours francais en louisiane et quebec.

Learn the language, its coming!

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