Report: Arafat Dead, Palestinians Deny It


Report: Arafat Dead, Palestinians Deny It

Thursday November 4, 2004 5:01 PM

JERUSALEM (AP) - Israeli TV on Thursday cited sources as saying Yasser Arafat has died, but the Palestinian prime minister denied the report.

Israeli TV's Channel Two cited Israeli security officials as saying they had been told by a reliable French source that Arafat had died.

However, Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia said there has been no change in Arafat's condition. Palestinian officials said Arafat was in a coma in the intensive care unit of a French military hospital.

If it is true, I'm very saddened by his death. If not, I hope they arrange something for a smooth and fair transition of power.
yea...they might just be doing it for media or something...but for some reason i think he did or is going to soon...
Rick van Opbergen
I am saddened for the fact that this can cause a lot of disturbance in the Palestinian Territories.
Paranoid Dot Calm
Hi! Andem

Its a pretty touchy situation.
Once he is declared dead, he then has to be buried within 24 hours.
He's in a French "military" hospital .... so they can lie about his status.
All the funeral arrangements must be scheduled prior acknowledging his death. (24 hours is not enough time).

Imagine, the Jews not allowing him to be buried in Jerusalem? What a candy-ass thing to do! I think both Sharon and George Bush put their makeup on with Bingo dabbers! What a bunch of clowns.

If this forum had a "room" called "Jews" .... I'd be in there all day complaining.

I'm so tired of them heaping shame and guilt upon us because of the hollocaust. I'm so tired of hearing about Anne Frank and watching re-runs of Hogan's Heros.

Arafat deserves to be buried in Jerusalem.

Reverend Blair
I guess that's the ultimate insult..."You can't be Buried here, this is where Jewish Kings are buried." **** that, it's holy land for at least three religions. Why can't Yasser be dug in where he wants to be? He's the closest thing there's been to a Semite king in my memory.

Get Sharon to come talk to me...I'll talk some sense into the man. I need to see him in person though...
I was extremely disgusted (I don't know how I can emphasize that more) when I heard the Jews saying they won't allow arafat to be buried in Jerusalem. One said "this city is for jewish kings, not arab terrorists". ****ING HELL!

No, Paranoid, this forum wouldn't have a "jew room". No more comments on that topic
Just the Facts
I could be wrong, but I understood it to be not just that he wanted to be buried in Jerusalem, but specifically at the Al Aqsa Mosque. The Mosque is a major bone of contention, having been built on the site of the Temple of David, or Soloman's Temple or something like that. Maybe both.

Anyway, if Sharon wanted to be buried in Mecca I don't think anyone would give a second thought to the refusal.
Rick van Opbergen
Why "Jews" and not "Israelis"? Something else: Just the Facts - nice avatar! Or actually, taking in consideration what it stands for, it's sad ... About where Arafat should be buried: what I understand is that Arafat wants to be buried in Eastern Jerusalem because the family of his mother is prominent among the Arabs in Eastern Jerusalem ... I've also heard the Israeli leadership do not allow Arafat to be buried on the West Bank, only the Gaza Strip seems to fit if you listen to the Israeli government.
In my opinion...
Who cares where anyone is buried? They're dead. Why do we have cemeteries that advertise their lovely views? At that point, what difference could a nice view of the mountains or the ocean possibly make?

Sorry to sound irreverent, but that's one of the many reasons I want to be cremated.
Paranoid Dot Calm
Hey! LadyC

Do burn victims get a discount at a crematorium?

Paranoid Dot Calm
Hey! Andem;

I don't have a link for this story now, so I posted it here as a Microsoft Word Document.

Ethics On Wall Street!DL/ResearchBanking.rtf

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