Arafat In French Hospital

Well I am not afraid of what I say. I am fed up of being carefull when calling some Jews for what they are. Enough sucking up to them. I do not know why the whole world is scared of them.

Now not all Jews are bad. I am against the Zionists like the author in this article. He is well known for his remarks and I stand by what I said about him. If this is anti-semitic, then be it.
Rick van Opbergen
You don't understand my point moghrabi. Let's give another example. Some time ago, an emam here said it was right to kill gays. What would you think about the following conversation: "He [the emam] said it's right to kill gays". Reply: "He's muslim, what do you expect him to say?" The Jewish comminity is not solely comprimised out of Zionists; not every Zionist is even the same; when you say "The writer is Jewish. What do you expect him to write?" you suggest that it's a part of the so-called "Jewish character" to be anti-Arab. I deny that. And I think it's disturbing that you do not see any difference between "the Jew" and "the Zionist".
I said that I am against Zionists. This Arab Imam needs his head twisted a little. He is a bigot.

There are a lot of Muslims who are bigots. And also Christians and Jews. But my point here is that the writer is "Zionist". Maybe I misspoke and wrote he is a Jew. My apologies.
Rick van Opbergen
You don't have to comment about the Imam, I was just trying to give an example, I don't agree what is said by the way. You don't have to comment about bigots in Islam, Christianity, Judaism whatsoever, I know that .

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