Nazi doll no big deal, retailer says

Critics of a controversial doll depicting a Nazi SS combat division linked to concentration camps are making a lot of fuss about nothing, a Winnipeg retailer says. "If it's just a military-based figure in a Nazi costume, I don't think we'd have a problem with that," said Galaxy Comics & Collectibles staffer Justin Phaneuf. "Sometimes the people that create controversy like this have too much time on their hands."

The dolls -- made by Ohio-based Plan-B Toys -- are replicas of characters in the Second World War video game Call of Duty, and are also part of a larger collection of military toys manufactured by the company.

One figure in particular, the Totenkopf Division doll, has generated a spate of negative press for the toy-makers, particularly from concentration camp survivors who say it glorifies race-based hatred.


Why are people making such a big fuss about this action figure? There's tons of war games our there depicting Soviet and German solidiers and IMO, people are doomed to repeat history if they are not taught it. Just look at some parts of Germany where that part of history was literally cut from history from school lessons and literature. As a result, there's a rise in what are dubbed as "right wing extremist groups".

The dolls can't really be linked to concentration camps as they're depicting Nazi SS combat division which were in fact Waffen-SS who were just like regular soldiers. I hate the way history is twisted and shoved down people's throats.

Let me just state that if there were dolls which came with concentration camp setups (you know, like dollhouses), I would be a little bit worried. If they came with little toy cans of Zyklon B, I would be outraged. But they're just soldiers in historical attire just like any G.I. Joe dolls.

People make such a fuss out of anything.