US seizes webservers from independent media sites

American authorities have shut down 20 independent media centres by seizing their British-based webservers.

On Thursday a court order was issued to Rackspace, an American-owned web hosting company in Uxbridge, Middlesex, forcing it to hand over two servers used by Indymedia, an international media network which covers of social justice issues and provides a "news-wire", to which its users contribute. The websites affected by the seizure span 17 countries.,00.html (external - login to view)

If it wasn't for the internet and independant media, where would we get our news from (basic corporate talking heads) and what would we believe as to be the truth?

Frightening to look back as to how is was and perhaps how THEY want it to be?
Reverend Blair
Hmmm...PNAC said that the US should control cyber-space.
It's frightening.

There will never be any way to clog the Internet media outlets effectively enough without first creating an uproar and second having other sites popping up. It's all in vain.
Reverend Blair
They've given them back now. Nobody knows what they were looking for, exactly. Nobody is talking. This is a pretty brutal attack on freedom of the press as near as I can tell.

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