Domi: How I spent $25,000 cash gift

Domi: How I spent $25,000 cash gift


Some of the $25,000 cash his brother Dash gave him as a birthday present was spent on jewelry, clothing, restaurant meals and groceries at the upscale Pusateri's store, hockey star Tie Domi said yesterday.

In sometimes combative, but mostly good-humoured testimony before Toronto's computer leasing inquiry yesterday, the popular Maple Leaf tough guy said the gift came on his 30th birthday. When he opened the inch-thick envelope containing a birthday card he found it also contained about $25,000 in new bills, some of them $1,000 notes.
For anyone that has been following this computer leasing scandal in the city of Toronto, it just keeps getting more interesting and more disturbing on where our tax dollars really go.

How in the hell did we let any of this happen? We elect officials because they're supposed to be looking out for our city.. This is the biggest load of rubbish I've heard of since the sponsorship scandal
Domi commented that the envelope was a little thicker than usual. Hmm, one has to wonder how many thick envelopes he gets from his brother and/or family.

How did this happen? Pretty darn easy when politicians are making purchasing and/or project management/contract decisions. They are not qualified in this area but for some reason they seem to think that no one could possibly buy the right thing except them. And what it usually turns out to be is they are too stupid to put what they what, when they want it into words. It just floors me when we elect politicians and we hear about their background and then we get told what they will be responsible for. How in heck can you do a job responsibly when you have no clue or are unqualified to do the job in the first place.

Guess this politician is vying for a job at DND, where all the other idiots are employed.
Yeah. I can't believe anyone would believe they're story and that there is no subterfuge.

Envelopes of $25k.

Perhaps I lead a sheltered life or I'm hanging around with the wrong crowd.

Too, it is nice to see the arrogant, pompous *** Lord Black of Beaverbrook get his licks.

I cannot remember the quote exactly and I couldn't find it online in today's papers but it is very close to this...

"Greed has been a motive that has never failed to move me."

Pick up the book "Tarnished Brass" It's chocker block full of bondoogles that our illustrious DND have squandered away on "the good ol' boys club" and their friends. It'll make you scream.

Ever hear about the $25M DND spend on duds for bullets? Or the multimillion dollar communication system that has never seen the light of day and is now obsolete. Yeah, gotta love them experienced people our politicians put into positions of power.
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