New York: Reports of Widespread Police Abuse Filter In

Listen to Anoise radio, updates on police abuse live in New York at (external - login to view)

09:54 PM CORRECTION: MSNBC reported 800 arrests total during the RNC, 270 tonight. But they're wrong. Way more than that tonight.

09:49 PM Shannon from IL. IMC has been arrested. Cops have reportedly been telling IMC reporters to "f**k off."

09:43 PM MSNBC reports more than 800 people have been arrested tonight.

09:32 PM At least 4 vans full of arrestees have pulled away from 28th and Madison. Allegedly holding 7-8 people.

09:26 PM An NLG person reports that 75 - 100 people are being arrested at 35th and 5th. A police van is being brought in.

09:21 PM On the north side of west 35th street and 6th avenue reports of 50 violent arrests- people being thrown to the ground and against walls. .

09:16 PM Receiving reports of numerous fires on Park Ave south. It is possible they were set by provocateurs.

09:03 PM Charles from Rochester IMC was arrested along with three other videographers at 33rd and 9th; several other videographers were reportedly picked up by police.

09:02 PM At 36th between Park and 6th Ave, violent arrests are occuring. Police gave a dispersal order. 200 people cannot leave because they are surrounded.

09:01 PM Trash fires are being reported on Park and Madison.

07:35 PM Reportedly people are being beaten while handcuffed both at 16th street and at Harold Square.

07:32 PM Indymedia reporter being denied exit from pen at 16th and irving, while "legit" media is being allowed to leave. Cop said "that's not media." Reportedly everyone on 16th will be arrested.

07:28 PM People are breaking through the nets at 34th and Broadway. 5 people have tied themselves to the barricades. Reportedly police are even being "very aggressive" with corporate media in this area.

06:51 PM At 42nd and 6th people are sitting down in the middle of the street to protest the mass arrests. They are being arrested one by one. Police are reportedly trying to arrest medics to prevent them from providing care to protesters.

06:41 PM Protesters leaving Union Sq. are heading north on 8th avenue approaching 28th. Cops have constructed wire cages in the street, riot cops approaching behind them, undercovers following behind them on scooters.

06:38 PM There are currently 400 people at Herald Square, where Republicans are speaking - giving interviews to networks. Riot cops are amassing.

06:30 PM Marches are converging around Herald Square at 34th and 6th, heading towards the Garden. There are reports of police violence there. Multiple busses of riot police are around 32nd / 34th and 6th. Several police reportedly are not wearing badge numbers. Mass arrests are now occuring in Harold Square.

06:26 PM At the NY Public Library, an older woman was hit in the face by an undercover cop, shocking those who witnessed the incident. Cops would not arrest the man despite the attempts of the woman who was struck.

06:20 PM Protesters from the library are at 42nd and 6th. 40 cops on scooters ran after protesters with nets. Apx. 50 have been entrapped with nets. Police attacked protesters within the nets. Reports of a cop using a bike to hit someone. Several hundred are in the surrounding area. (external - login to view)
Reverend Blair
An ongoing, city-wide police riot in New York City? What a surprise. This is looking more and more like the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago, except by the reports of media being hassled and arrested and the false reports on the major networks it appears the men in charge have grasped the meaning of the phrase, "The whole world is watching."
Bush Jr is going to have a tough time trying to get back into power by re-election.

Not too many people are pleased with the methodology used to "quell and subdue" Iraq. US soldier's blood on te streets of Iraq everyday, and much more to come. A continuation of the "shock and awe".
Yeah it sure sounds like wide spread police abuse. The judge is not happy and has fined the police department.

Here's the link: (external - login to view)

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