Richard Perle: Another suspect in the spy case?


It’s a widely held view that Richard Perle was in the pay of Mossad when it was reported that he was employed by an Israeli arms company to sell weapons. Later the rumour surfaced again following the release of an FBI wiretap into an investigation of Perle’s ties to the Jonathan Jay Pollard spy case, purportedly of Perle in conversation with an employee at the Israeli embassy passing on US classified information.

Today’s quiz: What connects Richard Perle to Douglas Feith, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, ELF Oil, Lord Black, Iraq, Israel, Iran, Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon, Bush Snr and Bush Jnr, Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher, John Major, China, Adnan Kashoggi, Saudi Arabia, Global Crossings, Boeing, Halliburton, the DoD?

Answer: Money, filthy lucre, loot, cash, dosh, greenbacks, call it what you will, the so-called leaders of the ‘free world’ are hooked on its possession and will do anything to get their grubby hands on it. All else is window dressing for the ‘masses’. What connects the money together? Hollinger International.

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Also, read the links posted at the end of the article. Very interesting indeed.
another great post from moghrabi I salute you! you truley are a but watch out...the MIB might come after you.. :glasses4: :glasses5:
These are news stories posted already. I have nothing to worry about. I am not making them up. I just like to dig for them.

Fear nothing but fear itself.
Reverend Blair
Very cool, Mogh. Perle is the first of the Bush administration to admit that the invasion of Iraq was likely illegal, too. It's like hes proud to be a war criminal.
Yes. The Prince of Darkness... and his sidekick David Frum.

Together they fight truth, justice and promote the American Imperial way.

Long-time CBCer Barbara really blew it bringing up arch neo-con son little Davey Frum.

David should be stripped of his Canadian citizenship (I can't imagine he really wants it) and all of his rights as a human being.

I consider him an Enemy Combatant to the world.

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