Greek track stars miss doping test, could face suspension

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Last Updated: Fri Aug 13 12:16:55 EDT 2004

CBC SPORTS ONLINE - Greek Olympic 200-metre champion Kostas Kenteris could pull out of the Athens Games as a result of allegations that he skipped a drug test the day before the Opening Ceremony, a source told the Associated Press.

Greece's Konstantinos Kenteris celebrates winning the gold medal in the men's 200-metre at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. The sprinter recently missed a doping test, putting his chances of running in Athens in doubt. (AP Photo/Doug Mills)
A source on Greece's Olympic Committee said on condition of anonymity that one of the topics of an emergency board meeting scheduled for Saturday will be whether Kenteris should withdraw from the Games.

Kenteris and fellow sprinter Ekaterini Thanou, both national heroes after winning medals in Sydney, are embroiled in a growing controversy after missing a scheduled drug test on Thursday.

The International Olympic Committee had to postpone its own hearing until Monday after the two sprinters were injured in a motorcycle accident later Thursday night.

The pair missed a Friday morning IOC drug tribunal called to investigate the skipped doping test in Athens. A representative for Greece Olympic Committee had asked the IOC for a 48-hour delay.

Christos Artinopoulos, a spokesman at the hospital where the two were treated following the accident, said the sprinters would remain in the hospital for two more days. "Their condition is stable. They will remain in hospital for at least 48 more hours," Artinopoulos said.

A senior Greek sports official said the sprinters were not seriously injured in the crash.

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It's always been a problem, drugging athletes, it's sad that it keeps on going even after there are strict testing rules which are required in the olympics and many world competitions.

Shame on drug users.
I heard that this isn't the first time the pair have skipped out on the drug testings. Shame on them. However in their defense they have not been found to have anything in their system, good for them.

Yeah some people will try any edge they think they can get away with. But then again with the less than world class officiating at the games, can you blame anyone for trying. It's not like its a fair and unbiased judging review going on, however they are trying to clean up that little mess.

Maybe we should have the D-olympics, and let all the steroid users and dopers compete. Keep them out of the real games.
Reverend Blair
As long as the drugs aren't performance enhancing, it shouldn't matter though.

A guy on a call-in show had an interesting idea today. Why not send the IOC out to every country that wants to compete and have them just pick regular people off the street? No training, no steroids...just, "Psst, hey bud? Wanna free holiday?"

If the guy showed up drunk or stoned, so what? You'd have guys trying to run a marathon with a smoke in their mouth and synchronised swimmers with a beer in their hand, but so what?

It would give us a much better idea of the physical condition of the participating countries' general population and, because most have no idea how to throw a discus or do a proper dive off the high board, how quickly people can learn.

Man, I love call-in hear the best ideas on them...
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