BSE....What's up?...Just Open the Borders Now!!

Lets get all the BS out of the BSE scare now!!
In recent years Japan has had 7 cases of BSE ,while Canada has had only 2 but yet they still refuse the importation of our beef?
This has more to do with appaising the States and pandering to their America trading partners rather than any real health scare!!
I've have tried through various sources to find out just how many confirmed cases of BSE the United States has had since 1980?but surprise..surprise..according to USDA reports only 1 case was found in Washington State in 2003,but the cow was never put into the food chain.
I find the USDA report truly amazing given the fact that the US has many times more cattle than Canada and slaughters thousands more head everyday,unless (shame on me) someone is fudging the figures regarding BSE in the USA?
I believe that Canada's refusal in aiding the US invasion of Iraq has cost the Canadian Cattle Industry ,as it has been over a year since the ONLY (2nd ever)confirmed case of BSE in Alberta and in that time NO other cases had been confirmed in Canada.
If it's not politics then what is it?and why hasn't the US reopened borders between our two countries?
Canada has been punished enough and I just wonder if the cow have come up to Canada from the US, if our government would have reacted so harshly? I seriously doubt it!!
Reverend Blair
A group of Canadian farmers are probably going to be suing the US government over the continued border closure. I believe they're having a press conference this morning.

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