How Hitler Became a Dictator

And therein lies the problem.

Politics as most tings is a game of one upsmanship.
All jestering aside, I would like somebody to give me their point of view. Why were not johnston and nixon not called hitler? It is a honest question I am asking. I looked around I could not find any comparsion in the written. Is there some out there, as anyone seen it?
Would not the people of that generation who had first hand experience with hitler and lived in those times have been the ones to see the these two men were like hitler. They sent alot more boys to a war that was not their business according to their nation than bush ever did. So why did not that generation not say nixon and johnston are just like hitler. Maybe they knew what hitler was all about first hand and knew the difference. This generation calls bush just like hitler. It does not make much sense to me. Now bush has called kerry just like hitler become the new bootylicious of this generation.
Haggis McBagpipe
I think the thing that has brought Hitler to mind in association with Bush is the very real fear that many people have over what is happening in the United States.

The US is not A world power, it is THE world power. It can do any damn thing it wants, and there is NOBODY to stop it. The US AND the world needs the US to have a good, strong and fair president, now more than any other time in history. The President of the United States affects every citizen of the world far more than our own leaders do, and this is unusual in history.

As a result, it matters a very great deal, and people care a very great deal what happens in the US at election time. I think the people of the world feel highly vulnerable in the face of it, they feel threatened by the enormous power held by this one single man, a man who is not a particularly good or wise man. I think it is very, very natural to vilify something that frightens us so much.

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