Caribbean Turks and Caicos move to join Canada (Turks And Caicos Join Canada)

Caribbean Turks and Caicos move to join Canada
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By Christopher Walsh

April 25, 2004 (CC) - In recent news, Nova Scotia's parliament voted to offer a Caribbean nation, Turks and Caicos, to join their province if they were to pursue political and economical union between Canada. Although it's official, no talks have commenced on the topic.

Canada has had several talks with the Caribbean country, which is a British colony, all of which have led to absolutely nothing. The main factors on Canada's part has been it's unwillingness to be seen as a neocolonist. The Caribbean islands have been pursuing a union for almost 100 years, and it has popped up yet once again.

The notion started in 1917 when Prime Minister Borden remarked it would be a good idea to annex the country. It popped up again in 1974 when a Canadian Member of Parliament introduced a private members bill to study a relationship between Turks and Caicos and Canada. At that time, Turks and Caicos was going through an election. Canada decided it would best be put off until their election was completed. Time passed and nothing happened.

At the beginning of 1988, the people of Turks and Caicos elected the People's Democratic Movement. A group which hastily trashed the idea of joining Canada in favour of it's own agenda.

As the idea has once again surfaced, there's nothing currently in the way of bringing this Caribbean paradise into our family. There are several ways in which this could happen. Most importantly, the islands could become their own province; They could very well join an existing province, however unlikely; They could also become a territory.

At this point in time, the benefits are seemingly outweighing the drawbacks. Assuming Turks and Caicos will join Canada, we would have an advantageous location for vacationers. Keeping Canadians in search of sun inside of Canada would benefit the economy by keeping spending inside of Canada instead of diverting it to Cuba, Mexico or other Caribbean islands. Another attracting feature would be a place for international vacationers. By joining Canada, the country would obviously enjoy an increase in the standard or living. Becoming a part of the Canadian economy would be a boost in their ability to participate the world's competitive industry of tourism.

Canadian military would have a base in the Caribbean on home ice. Not exactly ice, but Canada would grow increasingly in international military stature if Turks and Caicos joined Canada. As Guantanamo Bay is important in American operations, Canada would also have an important base in the region which probably wouldn't interfere with residents of the islands seeing as Canada is largely a peacekeeping force.

The Canadian dollar would also have a home in the south. Broadening Canada's "sphere of influence" and international relations.

Turks and Caicos could be an alternate destination for retirees in search of a warmer habitat. Making it even more irresistible is the fact that American immigration is becoming everso difficult making a longer-than 6 month stay in Florida pretty difficult. This spells out advantage for Canada, Turks and Caicos and citizens of both nations. Keeping tax dollars inside of Canada, bringing in a boost to local economy for Turks and Caicos and becoming less expensive for Canadians to migrate to and visit a warmer location.

Though I can see little disadvantage in a growing Canada and thriving Caribbean, there are some considerations we should look at before dismissing the idea as better than sliced bread.

In the event of total annexation, Canadian taxpayers would see their dollars going towards transfer payments. Payments of which are bound to be misused in some form along the way. These payments would go towards making the standard of living in Turks and Caicos equal to those around current-day Canada. They would go into infrastructure improvement, education reforms, government operations and social programs. We must look at the fact, however, that Turks and Caicos is a self-efficient society in which little or none of the population relies heavily on the government for support.

Official talks of annexation (or some form of it) have not yet commenced, however officials from both countries stated meetings would take place.

Michael Misick the Chief Minister of the Turks and Caicos Islands, stated their country is ready to talk about political and economic union between Canada and his nation. Paul Martin, Canada's Prime Minister has invited his political counterpart to meet in Ottawa.

There is no agreement or obligations as of yet on either side, however many Canadians and a large part of the Turks and Caicos islands have shown a very large interest in future developments.


Information about Turks and Caicos

Population: 19,500
Official Language: English
Head of Government: Chief Minister
Michael Misick
Currency: US Dollar
Capital City: Cockburn Town

What are YOUR views on this topic?
It would really benifit Canadians for a territory in the Carribean for Military and Vacational purposes but maybe the people dont really want to become part of canada because their currency would drop and paychecks would lower its not a fool proof idea
Quote: Originally Posted by Anonymous

It would really benifit Canadians for a territory in the Carribean for Military and Vacational purposes but maybe the people dont really want to become part of canada because their currency would drop and paychecks would lower its not a fool proof idea

Hi Guest,

Turks and Caicos islands don't have a dollar per se. They use the American currency and by no means an American territory. It's possible they could notice a decrease, but these things change in time.

I can appreciate the fact, however, they don't want anything to do with Canadian taxes! They don't pay them and are self-sufficient. There are advantages and disadvantages. I think the benefits outweigh all else.
As a followup to this article, I've been looking around at other news sources and found conflicting information regarding the views of citizens of Turks and Caicos.

According to , I'm paraphrasing, 90% of the island inhabitants support the idea of union with Canada. While states that Islanders have rejected the whole idea of any union with Canada.

While I will try to keep the article as accurate as possible, would anyone know that the true situation with Turks and Caicos inhabitants?
Well, that is certainly an odd idea. One cold Canada, while one warm island in the middle of the Carribean; it doesn't match. THe islanders in Turks and Caicos probably have no clue what Canada is like. B-)
Great idea, rather stupid that our government has not jumped on this opportunity for so long. this can only mean good things for both nations I think.

The links posted above in relation to the oppinions of Turks and Caicos citizens did not work for me. Does anyone know more about this issue? I know Canadians would be all for the union, but what do they think? Please post any and all information that may help me answer this question.

We could build a big brewery with subsidies to compete with Red Stripe and Corona.
Ah- do the Turks and Caicos Islands have ANY idea of just how many Canadians would swarm down to share the island life.............
What kind of beer do they have down there...
no breweries yet, but Jamacia makes good beer!!!!

I think it could be a good way of bringing closer relations between the uk and Canada actually, sort of a half way house, I think it would be a great way for the UK to create more ties with out north american fellow commonwealth countries.

Dunno how they'd do it though, cus the 2 islanders all have UK dependancy passports, I suppose they could have the option for either a UK or Canadian one...or of both worlds really
The most important thing would be to not ruin the character of the island with multimillion dollar mansions like what happened to Salt Spring Island, BC.

I could see this hypothetical marriage costing Canada several billion dollars a year. Canada would do it right. Within 5 years the islanders would have reliable electricity and running water. The cost, oh the cost. Can't you just see Harper, or whoever, standing up in parliament explaining the billion dollar cost overruns on the new Turks and Caicos sewer and water system. People on E.I. could have their cheques directly to the islands. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Will it happen? I doubt it.
Sounds like the most expensive vacation spot I have ever heard of......

A neverending one - even after you return to the mainland.

Obviously they are running out of tourist dollars. In order for Canada to afford its operation - the cost to visit or live in these paradise places would skyrocket and it again would be only available to those for whom money is no object.

For the average Canadian looking to have an inexpensive and sunny experience - there are far less expensive places and you don't have to adopt them.

Why haven't any of the Caribbean Islands become dream spots I wonder? Why haven't many other countries snapped them up for ownership and retreat?
The big problem would be the politicians.

A couple billion dollars should provide a more than adequate infrastructure (Electrical power, water, and sewer) for the largest islands. That money would have to be spent with the idea that in the short term, we won't see it again. At the moment, there is no industry on the islands and in order to provide jobs that weren't related to the service industry, other industry would have to be moved in. My worry would be that politicians, and politician's friends, and their friends, would turn it into a nightmare of graft and corruption.

Turks and Caicos has the population of Swift Current.

It would never be a province.

Maybe a territory?
Typical of Caribbean Islands....

Tourism and Illegal Drug Traffic

Government - Mobism (organized).

Didn't a Canadian disappear in Jamaica (or Bermuda?) a couple of years ago and nothing was done.... and the American girl in Aruba.....

All that beautiful land, shimmering in the ocean like jewels and
thanks to the slave trade, has become a way station for the lost.
Do they realize that they will have to learn French if they want a job in government?
Canada has their spot in the sun.
Castro's Communist Cuba.
Hi Zoofer

Think of the year-round golf! Lots of sand traps hahaha...
Ah ... Wednesday. I'd mention year round golf in sunny Surrey but then all those deprived Easterners would be flocking here.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wednesday's Child

Typical of Caribbean Islands....

Tourism and Illegal Drug Traffic

Government - Mobism (organized).

Didn't a Canadian disappear in Jamaica (or Bermuda?) a couple of years ago and nothing was done.... and the American girl in Aruba.....

All that beautiful land, shimmering in the ocean like jewels and
thanks to the slave trade, has become a way station for the lost.

Canada can crack down on all those things, and clean up the place. With Canadian wealth behind the Islands, they could really raise their lot. Plus, with an allied country calling the shots, US tourism will probably increase.

Plus, I wants me a Carribean Naval Base!!!
Well guys,

1) Do a google search on "Real Estate Turks and Caicos" and you will see that it is already well on its way to being covered with million dollar mansions. I agree that an overpopulated paradise is no longer a paradise, but this will happen with or without Canadian control over the islands. At least if Canada did have a say in the islands affairs perhaps they would be able to preserve some of the currently undeveloped lands as National Parks.

2) Boo hoo hoo. It would cost money. That's a pretty weak argument. We spent 2 billion on a poorly implimented gun registry that doesn't work. Our government wastes billions every year. At least if we "wasted" some money annexing the Turks and Caicos we would have something great to show for it. Check the prices of land in T & C these days. You are absolutly right that they would never join us and you are right it sounds too good to be true. They would never join us because they no longer need us. The dream that Canada could ever attract a rare jewel like T & C to join our tax repressive country is too good to be true.

3)There has been a steady increace in tourist dollars since the 1980's, so there is no shortage of tourist dollars there. Its true that land prices would probably climb even more if Canada annexed T & C but so be it. Canada as a country would benifit by taxing the tourist dollars of the high rollers, while Canadians of more modest means would still be free to travel to more inexpensive places. Also, the majority of the Islands in the Carribean do or have had some type of colonial connection to countries such as England, America and the Netherlands. The ones that are not currently "snapped up" have probably regained their independence in the last century.

I think we would be lucky beyond our wildest dreams if we could adopt T & C as an honourary province, but this would never happen because they would never say yes.

By the way, I just noticed that there is a page 2, and this email is in response to posts on page 1, so it is probably a little out of place now, but since I spent the time to write it here it is
I vote no. Nyet.
Do you know how many Turks there are in the world?
My question is

Why are there Turkish people in the Caribbean?

That's a long way off from Asia Minor after all.

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