Oroville threat - evacuation order for 188,000 -Massive state response

BREAKING: No word when evacuation order for 188,000 will be lifted as Oroville threat remains
FEBRUARY 12, 2017 4:44 PM
Massive state response in place for dam emergency

State officials have activated hundreds of people to help deal with the Oroville Dam crisis, sending 100 California Highway Patrol officers to the region and placing 1,200 California National Guard members on notice that they may be needed.

Governor issues emergency order to assist in dealing with Oroville Dam crisis
Gov. Jerry Brown’s office said he has issued an emergency order to help authorities deal with the evacuation and other efforts associated with concerns over the potential for flooding from Oroville Dam spillways.

Threat of Oroville spillway collapse lessens as thousands evacuate from Marysville, Yuba, Butte and Sutter counties | The Sacramento Bee (external - login to view)

well, I bet you we know someone who might be missing all that war money and foreign aid dough right about now
dat permanent drought eh.
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...and permanent infrastructure too
they should elect someone who might address that
and more rain in the forecast. Last I heard the water going over the dam was supposed to reach 7ft. Not good when you consider how wide that area is
Climate change doing it's thing, just like the polar vortex.
Why can't Trump get Mexico to pay for this?
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Climate change doing it's thing, just like the polar vortex.

there are 4 lights.

https://www.google.ca/search?q=calif...w=1600&bih=770 (external - login to view)
Maybe Trudeau can cut a new hydro deal today.
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Climate change doing it's thing, just like the polar vortex.

They should have a damn tax.
Pretty easy to spot the idiots on this thread, most likely that would be typical of them on all threads. Let's see if I can find a topic that would be controversial.
Really?? From Russia first, wow.

https://sputniknews.com/us/201702131...ss-evacuation/ (external - login to view)
Had the spillways totally failed, billions of gallons of water would have flowed from the lake and flooded three counties. In response to the potential flooding, the state government ordered an evacuation that displaced 188,000 nearby people. "Everyone was running around; it was pure chaos," Oroville resident Maggie Cabral told KFSN. "All of the streets were immediately packed with cars, people in my neighborhood grabbing what they could and running out the door and leaving. I mean, even here in Chico, there's just traffic everywhere."


Why not use both roads to get out of Dodge rather than be at 1/2 the capacity? 2:00
Mamma is pissed. Start building your arcs.
permanent drought. it's awful.
Extreme weather is awful. People are stupid.
It's a matter of priorities...

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