Whites are at it again - nothing but problems

drinking is hard work

great job for weekends though

oh, I get it
its the liquor industry that hates these "others"
Curious Cdn
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drinking is hard work

great job for weekends though

There's a surprise.
The white supremacist charged with using a menacing sword to kill Timothy Caughman in Manhattan deserves to be put to death, the victim’s cousin said Friday.

Murder suspect James Jackson, who traveled from Baltimore on a mission to massacre black men in Times Square, is worthy of execution, Caughman's relative Seth Peek told the Daily News.

“We don’t have the death penalty in New York,” Peek said. “But if we did, yeah — he should (die). His punishment should be death or life without parole. He killed one person but it has an impact on the neighborhood and on our family. ... A lot of people knew Timothy and he was well-respected.”

Timothy Caughman's cousin says his racist killer deserves death - NY Daily News (external - login to view)

Trump’s Twitter silence on Timothy Caughman’s murder by white supremacist speaks volumes

The murder of Timothy Caughman was an act of terror. The killer sought to strike terror into the heart of every black man in this country—and everyone who loves them. This act had precisely the same purpose as the London attacks, yet only one merited a presidential tweet—and we know Trump isn’t exactly shy about firing up his Twitter account. The London terrorist was Muslim, and his victim was white. The New York terrorist was white, and his victim was black. As far as I can tell, those are the main differences between the two terrorist murders. Yet only one merited the attention of the president.

Trump silence on racist murder in NYC speaks volumes - NY Daily News (external - login to view)

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