Gun amnesty disguised as meth-fuelled crime prevention strategy

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Deputy Police Chief Dean Rae told 980 CJME's Gormley Show the week has been “extremely successful” with 67 calls for service and 83 firearms turned in.
Rae said an increase of crystal meth in Regina has lead to a rise in the amount of gun crimes taking place.
“We've seen a change now the behavior of those people that are using,” Rae said. “They're very unpredictable and we believe this is one of the primary drivers in what we're seeing in the gun-related crime that's associated with those that are using crystal meth.”


"Our crime rate is lower today than it was 10 years ago and even 20 years ago by a substantial amount. However, we're seeing a small increase in some areas and a larger increase in others so we don't want it to get back to where it once was," responded Chief Evan Bray.
Attempted murder and sexual offences are both at 10-year highs. Robbery, theft and motor vehicle theft have also been steadily going up.
"The public doesn't have to worry, but we all need to be concerned and stay vigilant on crime," Bray said.

Gun amnesty to be held following rising crime rates in Regina | News Talk 980 CJME (external - login to view)

Positive outcome for gun amnesty program in Regina | News Talk 650 CKOM (external - login to view)

While I don’t have a problem with the RCMP holding gun amnesties for people who have unwanted guns, I think it’s very disingenuous and dishonest to try and disguise it as some sort of drug crime prevention strategy. In a recent interview, Police Chief Brae had no hesitation in admitting that drug dealers, users, or other criminals are not lining up to surrender their unwanted firearms, or even confirm there was any evidence to suggest that there was a problem with stolen guns being used in the commission of crimes. This amnesty will do nothing to reduce gun related crime, it’s simply a program to get law-abiding people to surrender their guns.

This is the exact reason why people don’t trust government, the RCMP, or the media any more. They just can’t be honest with people and call a civilian gun grab what it is. They have to deceptively use crime stats, fear, and deceit to try and justify their actions and cover up their true motives rather than call it what it is. It's insidious, and is as much or more of a risk to our freedom, security, and well-being than what they claim to be protecting us from.
Gun stores offering alternative to city's gun amnesty (external - login to view)

Looks like the local gun stores are offering up an alternative to having perfectly legal and functioning guns cut up into pieces.

Interesting photo that was chosen for the above article about a legal transfer of ownership program for unwanted guns. It's no mystery why gun owners are so fed up with media and anti-gun advocates misrepresenting, deceiving, and being flat out disingenuous. Pathetic.
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