Man convicted in deaths of 4 Mounties arrested while out on unescorted pass

One of two men convicted in the deaths of four Alberta Mounties has been arrested.

Alberta RCMP ‘K’ Division confirms Dennis Cheeseman was arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

Sgt. Steve Vince with Strathmore RCMP says he was arrested in Whitecourt on Friday after a member of the public reported a suspicious vehicle to the local RCMP detachment.

Cheeseman was granted statutory release in November 2013 after serving two-thirds of his seven-year, two-month, 15-day sentence for manslaughter.

When Cheeseman was released, it was on conditions that he abstain from drugs and alcohol and not associate with criminals until his entire sentence expires on April 13, 2016.

“The possession of the substance is a breach of Mr. Cheeseman’s parole and the RCMP have advised the National Parole Board of this breach,” added Vince.

Cheeseman and his brother-in-law, Shawn Hennessey, pleaded guilty to manslaughter for giving James Roszko a rifle and a ride the night before Roszko ambushed the RCMP officers on March 3, 2005, near the town of Mayerthorpe.

The Mounties — Constables Peter Schiemann, Anthony Gordon, Brock Myrol and Leo Johnston — had been guarding a hut on Roszko’s farm as part of a marijuana grow-op and automobile chop-shop investigation.

Earlier this week, Hennessey was granted more unescorted, temporary absences from prison (external - login to view) after the Parole Board of Canada said he was doing well behind bars. He will be allowed to visit his family for up to 78 hours, once every month, for six months.

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Doing well behind bars .... sounds like the perfect place for him.
This guy helped murder four young RCMP officers and gets roughly five years. He should at least have to serve the rest of his sentence without the time off.
I wonder if the courts really know that they don't avoid the old ways. The 1/2 way house might need to be turned into a wild west bar and if you survive 6 months in there with the others =you will probably not want to do it again and if you do it won't be hard to find a way to break into prison.
The 'neighbors rent rooms to parolees every now and then. 9 visits every 60 days is not 'unusual'. I would not have missed them if the breaches were enough after the 2nd call.

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