Sgt. Tahmooressi returned to prison following hearing

I'm sure everyone is following this closely, but just in case...

Our #MarineHeldInMexico (external - login to view), Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, was returned to his cell following a hearing on Monday, Day No. 127 of his imprisonment. At the hearing, defense attorney Fernando Benitez questioned four border officials who were involved in Tahmooressi’s arrest on weapons charges March 31, when he took a wrong turn into Mexico with three U.S.-registered firearms in his truck.

Fox News reports (external - login to view):
Benitez asserts Tahmooressi’s civil rights were violated because he was not provided a translator to adequately explain why he was being arrested. He also alleges the 26-year-old Marine was held at the port of entry, where he crossed from San Ysidro, Calif., for more than eight hours before being transported to the federal police headquarters and formally charged with the Mexican federal crime of bringing weapons and ammunition used by the military into the country. He was not charged with weapons trafficking.
The case could go on for months.

fukk mexico and all those dragging their feet

#MarineHeldInMexico Sgt. Tahmooressi returned to prison following hearing | Twitchy (external - login to view)
Perhaps a page where people state they are cancelling their vacation in good ol Mexico would add some pressure.
Read a tad ago about his lawyer- he wins more often than not.
One of those sites that sends an auto email to every ffn hotel that depends on tourism.
Just the big ones.
I am sure someone with the know how to do that is around.
#3 we are always told when going on vacation to a foreign country once you enter that country you are subject to its laws. The guy did what is considered a federal crime by Mexico while in Mexico. What the fark is everyone complaining about? Is the US about to start not prosecuting people who break US law because they aren't Americans or because it isn't a crime in their home country? I think not. F*ck the americans! I for one am tired of them trying to impose their laws outside their jurisdiction. Should we in Canada give all Americans a free pass across the border with restricted firearms because they are legal in the US?

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